What after SLC ?

These institutions which are promising for the bright educational career of the students are a group of cheats who aim to earn a decent amount by cheating others.

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Bigyan Gautam

SLC examination which is regarded as the "Iron Gate" has just finished. The students appearing the exams are now free: enjoying their holidays. But they are equally worried about "what to do in these three months until when their results are out?" The students who are feeling relief for being free from the bustle of books are concerned about their future studies too. "What to do after SLC?" It’s a matter of their headache…

Many students might have planned for doing bridge course. They might have thought that to engage themselves in this course will be the wisest thing for them. On the one hand their habit of reading will continue and on the other they will get an opportunity to study in the renowned colleges of the city. These days the pages of various newspapers are occupied with the advertisements of institutions related to bridge course. Their impressive names may attract many students but I suggest them to stay away from such institutions. These institutions are nothing other than profit oriented centers of business. Getting admitted in them to learn nothing is just the waste of time and money as well. There is no advantage of doing this course and doing this course may not be as fruitful as they might have thought.

These three months are the golden period for the SLC appeared students; they will never get these enjoyable days in their life again. After these three months, they will enter a boring college life and STUDY! STUDY…! and STUDY….! will be their only option. You’ll have to mug up all the things then. So why engage in these courses. Another reason for which I think this is by getting engaged in these courses neither they will learn anything nor they will get any enjoyment. And after these days are over they’ll regret as I did.

These institutions which are promising for the bright educational career of the students are a group of cheats who aim to earn a decent amount by cheating others. All the expectations of the students will go in vain. So stay away!! You will spend your money for nothing.

The most significant thing which can be done during this period is to travel to various places of Nepal. Moreover this is the tourism year and this will add to their enjoyment in their journey. Travelling to beautiful places like Pokhara, Ilam, Lumbini, Darjeeling, Sauraha etc. will make them refreshed and will expose them to mesmerizing natural beauty. They can travel with their family, friends, relatives. They can visit various cultural religious and historical places about which they have studied during their school days. They will get a new experience and perhaps these moments will be unforgettable ones for them.

Another option for the SLC appeared is to take some computer courses. This age is the age of computers and having knowledge in computer will help them move with the time.

Hence in my opinion to aim to be one step ahead by taking the bridge course is just an illusion for the SLC appeared. This is my own experience and if you can learn with the help of others’ experience you need not have any bitter experience yourself.

Bigyan Gautam
Class: XI
NASA International College

source: Gautam, Bigyan (2011),"What after SLC ?",The Rising Nepal, April 2011

2012-03-29 | EducateNepal

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i am in search of good institute for the bridge course!!! so could you mind to help me in this field? please.

  • Pradeep Risal

I am also in dilemma to choose the right college........can I get some help for the year 2070

  • Namrata Koirala

i have given SLC. i want to spend my holiday with knowledgable profit. for that i am searching good institute near my locality. do u have any solution?????

  • sanjib dhungana

i am searching for good science college,, plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sudip Phayel

bridge is not a good cause i have taken

  • ram

i am searching good collage for science and my parents can't invest more money so i want also scholarship....plz help me anyone...

  • keshab

i m searching good college of science and also Government college n also scholarship is better

  • arun dhital

searching for scholarship :)

  • mahesh

Campion IInstiute is best...........do visit once......at pipalbot bagbazar

  • Ajaya

I am too worried about my holidays , so I thought of taking bridge courses. I want to get admitted to good college with scholarship . Can someone suggest me what to do ?? :p

  • Resha lhomi

Are there any course of c programmings and other excluding web n graphic design ,ftr slc

  • Jagadish poudel

are there any programming courses in this three month

  • mahesh pandey

hey..what to study??? i am so confused,science or management??

  • Kajol Rupakheti

I have given slc .so now am worried where to go and which subject to chose after reult. So plzz can someone suggest me what to do

  • aashu thapa

I want 2 b a hacker.........Wat 2 do.........I don hav any idea!!!!!

  • dipesh maharjan

i want to study science plz tel me the best science college of nepal

  • chandan singh

I want to study science at abroad in scholarship after my slc I will complete my slc at the end of this year

  • Harendra Bhujel

I am looking some good institute to study

  • Binod

I wan't to know a better bridge course centers near tutepani.

  • bibek

i want to study science but I am so confused becoz i haven't read optional mathmetics

  • aditi

i have passed my slc before 1 3 years ago and i wanna go to foreign country for the technical education where can i apply ? any solution for that?

  • jenish basnet

I am searching a scholarship in college.

  • Roshan

can't we study IT directly after SLC , I mean without taking up 2? I have heard that KU provides this opportunity so can I get some info ? IN DESPERATE NEED, please help.

  • Suryans Adhikari

i am searching a scholarship in college.

  • pradip kshetri

i want to study science plz suggest a best college for science in kathmandu

  • bijendra

i have got 78%in slc . but i am still confuse about right college so could you help me plz

  • sandesh giri

i want to study science,i have secured 89.6%in send up exam but I am so confused in choosing right bridgecorse institute.pz help me

  • sabin shrestha

do bridge is necessary

  • bikram achami

I want to study science so requst u to find good college.

  • Prabin karn

i want to study science,i have secured 89.6%in send up exam but I am not getting bridge course materials from which adress in internet i can get .pz help me

  • bigyan sharma

I became confuse on subject so, which sub is necessary for mee to became a inspector?would u please help me?

  • Rahul das

I am searching good software college?????? plz help me...... ..

  • Mausam Ghimire

i want to study mbbs can i get Knowles abot it

  • yukesh

I want to read questiona of intrance

  • Abhinash shah

i want to study humnities in music in pokhara but i havent find any college in pokhara ..can you help me

  • yuhan

This is the month of Bhadra and my colleges have start.But I am really seeking for a way to go abroad and complete my studies not after 2 but now.

  • Kapil

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  • Dale

i want best science college in ktm with full scholarship.

  • David Singh

i want best bridge course institute in ktm

  • Manish Singh

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  • Preat

i am confused that wat to do after slc please help me

  • samir thapaliya

big promises are made by the institute...but after 50--6o% discount it results as one of the expensive institute and is inaffordable for normal nepali students. can this problem be solved?

  • Roshan

I want to spend my holidays as well as to get admitted to a reputed college such as Budhanilkantha, St. Xavier, etc. So what do I do to get admitted to these sorts of colleges where Science is the best. Should I join a bridge course or read on my own ? give some ideas and suggestions, please?

  • Ishan Karki

I want to study computer science....plz tell me the best subject.....

  • Ashok shrestha

I want to study bridge course for science.

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  • jitender agrohiya

That is true. Most people think that SLC is the iron gate of their life and all their life will depend on how they pass SLC. But actually, this marks are only considered when you want to join the next school. No companies will check your marks when you go for an interview. george t stagg

  • Debra

viceaveI think the piece of information which you have provided here would be useful to students to know about their career path after SLC. I got interested to know more about it. Hope you will provide this information soon. Thank you.

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I want to join bridge course Please help me out

  • Aakriti Lama

IN my thought the main purupose of doing bridge course is to get good marks in entrance because some of the questions are also will come in entrance of 11 class but this is not good.i hate these all teacher who have planned to give some question from 11 class course.as i know that after slc these all college teacher become unemployment and they think that if we give some question from 11 class in entrance then all the student will join in brdge course so that they can earn more money in these 3 months...those things which we read in 11 class same things are taught by the teacher in brdge course .....so guys dont take brdge course rather u can buy some books of brdge course and read yourself in your home ....and pass your time by visiting alluring place that makes u more entertain...good luck....

  • Rosha koirala


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