What after SLC?

I would like to humbly request the government to bring some policies to enhance maximum participation of youngsters like us in various campaigns to clean the environment.

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When I was in Grade 10, I dreamt of traveling to various places, doing creative and innovative works, after my SLC examination. However, once the examination was over, none of my dreams came to a reality. I have been in a great predicament of whether to spend these days just Facebooking or watching TV or doing some productive works that will benefit me for lifetime. We live such a humdrum life facing crunches of deadlines at work, we hardly spare any moment for the development of good characters. In my opinion, this is the best time to evaluate ourselves, rectify our bad habits, and move on with good deeds.

During the time I spent at home, few ideas cocked into my mind, which would actually be of great help for thousands of students like me who are spending their spare time doing nothing. Doing nothing would ultimately nurture bad habits in them. First, I would like to humbly request the government to bring some policies to enhance maximum participation of youngsters like us in various campaigns to clean the environment. Second, since we know that many government schools have vacant seats for teachers at primary and secondary level, SLC appeared students must be encouraged to teach in such schools. Similarly, these students can be made involved in various community development projects where they can synchronise creativity and hard work to make the project a success. Initiating leadership development programmes for such students is a brilliant idea. This will not only help the students to become a leader but also bolster their confidence and self-esteem.

Spending holidays in the city where you always have to face the usual problems like smoke-filled air, unhealthy odours etc is no fun at all. Making necessary arrangements for the SLC appeared students to travel nooks and corners of the country would be a smart idea. It would give them a chance to see the pain, suffering and hard work of people in the rural areas.

To recapitulate, a great deal of effort from parents, students, teachers and government is needed. Nothing is immutable. Let us put these words into action. With proper planning and coordination, lots of things can be done by students in these few months. Let us utilise this valuable time from today onwards. Start it now.

Samikchhya Bhusal
SLC appeared
Budhanilkantha School

source:Bhusal, Samikchhya (2012),"What after SLC?", The Kathmandu Post,27 April 2012

2012-04-27 | EducateNepal

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  • bnsa ss

Hi there I've just done with my slc examination and I'm spending my holidays, doing what? nothing but facebooking and watching tv at all. When i was studying i thought of doing lot of things after slc but now it seems like i have no idea what to do at all. I myself have some of the hobbies but i don't see any roof where i can show them. I want to request to the government that u should help to get us out from this starvation of career and make us feel safe in our future Thank you Angela Newa SLC Appeared Pinnacle Scholars'Academy

  • Angela Newa

Time after SLC is very vulnerable period.Many students thought to do a lot of things after SLC in vaccation.I also have just given my SLc exam. But i have made some planning to do in vaccation.Students can do a lot of things to built up their caeeir and character.They can easily involve in bad things in leasure period.So to make themselves parents,teacher and othe seniors people should pay attention.They can be sent to see historicsl as well as natural beauty of our country Nepal.This help them to built up their confidence because while visiting they deal with many people.Not only this students can be encourage to conduct local program like afforestation ,city cleaning program etc.This help develop leadership self-steem in them. So all the students who have leasure time they can involve in various creative activities to keep themselves busy and develop good habits in them.

  • shiva bhusal

I think almost every child and student will face this situation. I mean, we all plan loads of stuff to do after these exams, but then nothing cannot start microsoft outlook cannot open the outlook window actually turns out the way we want. Well, that just makes us feel a little bit uncomfortable.

  • Sasha Grey

Cleaning the environment this way is a good idea. This can result in a clean city. I have read many plans and ideas from best essay services review catchyreviews.com on keeping the environment clean. It's good to follow them.

  • lizharley

Your idea of bringing up the youngsters into such clean and green concept through government is absolutely magnificent. Through the ninja essay review there many other students across who would really like to participate in such programs.

  • hillary

I am very glad say i wann be on of them

  • mukesh gupta


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