Prudent student

Each stream is as good as the other if you have the interest and aptitude; and you will shine in whatever faculty you opt for.

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The day after the 2067 School Leaving Certificate (SLC) results were published, I went to the school where I taught. The school had declared a holiday as it had achieved the best results till date. However, there was a huge crowd of students along with their parents, distributing laddus, mithai, pedas and other sweet meats and congratulating each other for their success in passing through the so-called iron gate. The cheerful faces covered in vermillion and joyful voices reflected the triumph of their lives.

Amid the excitement, one of the guardians approached me and told me about his difference of opinion with his son regarding what to study next. According to the father, he wanted his son to study science at the plus two level; but his son wanted to study management and then chartered accountancy. The father desired to get him into the science stream since his son had distinction marks.

Most probably, at this time, this conflict is occurring in every family that has recent SLC graduates. This conflict can even be seen in the homes of learned parents who talk much about understanding the pupils’ potential but impose the subject of their interest on their own children.

It is a bitter reality that most SLC graduates are in a quandary about what to study in class 11, whom to listen to and whose suggestion is the best. Finally, being helpless, most take up science or management as per their parents’ desires, or sometimes, commands. When asked about their views, most of them decide on a subject as per the lucrative job and rich payment they expect to get after completing a certain level of a specific stream.

The SLC level is a very critical stage in any student’s career, and you need to be very careful while choosing your subjects for +2. Do not choose a subject just because your friends are doing it. Choose a subject which excites you the most, because the decision taken at this level will determine the rest of your life.

There are primarily three routes which are open to a SLC graduate — science, management and humanities. There is total lack of information about the career prospects prevalent in Nepal. We can see many students studying science and later switching to management or humanities.

Furthermore, never misunderstand that only certain streams or subjects can give you better opportunities in the future. Each stream is as good as the other if you have the interest and aptitude; and you will shine in whatever faculty you opt for. Never choose a subject just because you scored a good mark in it. Marks are really deceiving.

Finally, the potential, curiosity and approachability of students should be discovered before forcing them to adopt a faculty. They should be given proper counselling, appropriate guidelines and productive motivation. They should be given an opportunity to decide for themselves whether they want to take up science or humanities or management.

Remember! A smartly selected career gateway offers innumerable opportunities while inane choices lead nowhere.

source: Regmi, Sanjaya (2011),"Prudent student", The Kathmandu Post,10 July 2011

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