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US-UK College FAM Trip 2017

US-UK College FAM Trip 2017 is the smart and complete approach to college admissions going to be held from 25th June- 10th July. The FAM Trip is not just a tour holiday. It is a complete package of first-hand inspection of colleges and face to face interaction with university officials and students in US and UK, supported by counselling and consultancy service for college admissions and student VISA application. But then, it is also a fun excursion to the world of the west; the trendiest culture, life in the fast lane, cutting-edge technologies, and mega metropolis with mega infrastructures. Two weeks of oohs, oops and wows!

The objectives of the Education Tour are as follows:
a. Preparation for college application
> Counselling and Advisory Service: College / university research, student financial aid research and resources, admissions organization and strategy, individual college/university applications
> College/university Familiarization: campus visit of colleges / universities in UK and US, attend on-campus presentations and campus tours by admissions officers, meet college/university admissions officers and scholarship/financial aid counsellors, meet Nepali and American student on campus, apply in person at select colleges/universities.

b.Preparation for student VISA application
> Counselling and Advisory Service: Understanding the VISA process for US and UK, Developing a application strategy, Documentation, Preparation for VISA interview.

c. Fun Travel
> See the modern world of the West and learn how to go about it
> Cultural city tours of London, Boston, NYC and Washington DC
> Excursion to Ocean Beach in US
> Meet the locals as well as Nepalese students in US and UK

What will you gain from the US/UK College FAM Trip?
1.You will learn to apply to colleges wisely, taking all aspects into consideration: your professional goal, academic curriculum, family financial resources, scholarships and financial assistance, student jobs, etc.
2.You will get a chance to visit the countries and cities, the colleges and universities to get a first-hand experience of how they actually are and function.
3.You will learn to apply for student VISA correctly, taking all aspects into consideration: your academic and family background, family financial resources, career interest, college academic curriculum, etc.
4.Last but not least, it is a great opportunity to see the Western world with all the trappings of its culture as well as technological and economic advancement. A great way to meet the peoples of these lands who we normally just see them here as tourist or INGO expatriate consultants or diplomats.

> Presently enrolled in Class XI or XII in 10+2 Schools
> Boys and Girls
> Application Form should accompanied by No-Objection letters from school principal and guardians, two photos, passport or citizenship certificate copy

US-UK:   US$ 1850 per student on the basis of 27 pax plus airfare
US only: US$ 1550 per student on the basis of 27 pax plus airfare
UK only: US$ 1000 per student on the basis of 27 pax plus airfare
(Fee Coverage Does not include airfare/ visa fees)

Riya Joshi
Pulchowk, Lalitpur Nepal.
W: www.h-of-r.com
P: 01-5543018, 015543019
E: ee@h-of-r.com

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