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TU publishes exam routine of BSc.CSIT 2nd year Fourth Semester


Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology, Examination Department, Kirtipur has published the examination routine of Four Years B.Sc Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc CSIT), Second year Fourth Semester of 2072 group regular and partial of earlier groups.

The examination of B.Sc CSIT 4th Semester starts from Poush 18 (Course Title: Theory of Computation) and will end on Magh-03 (Course Title: Technical Writing).

The Examination time has been set to 12 to 3 pm

The Examination center will be notified later

BSc.CSIT-TU Second Year Fourth Semester Examination Schedule examination routine below:

- Exam Date: 2074-09-18
Course No.: CSC. 251
Course Title: Theory of Computation

- Exam Date: 2074-09-21
Course No.: CSC. 252
Course Title: System Analysis and Design

- Exam Date: 2074-09-24
Course No.: CSC. 253
Course Title: Database Management System

- Exam Date: 2074-09-27
Course No.: CSC. 254
Course Title: Computer Graphics

- Exam Date: 2074-09-30
Course No.: CSC. 255
Course Title: Introduction to Cognitive Science

- Exam Date: 2074-10-03
Course No.: ENG. 256
Course Title: Technical Writing

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