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TU publishes exam routine of 3 Years LLB First Year 2074


Tribhuvan University office of the controller of examination Balkhu has published the examination routine of 3 Years LLB First Year 2074.

As per schedule, the examination of 3 Years LLB First Year 2074 will starts from 2074-08-28 (Subjects: Jurisprudence) and ends on 2074-09-21 (Subject: Child Rights & Juvenile Justice).

The examination time for 3 Years LLB First Year 2074 will be from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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EXAM SCHEDULE of 3 Years LLB First Year 2074 given below:
Examination Time: 11 am to 2 pm.
- Date: 2074-08-28
Code: Law-321
Subjects: Jurisprudence

- Date: 2074-09-02
Code: Law-322
Subjects: Procedural Law

- Date: 2074-09-04
Code: Law-323
Subjects: Constitutional Law

- Date: 2074-09-06
Code: Law-324
Subjects:  Compar. Law & Nepalese Legal sys

- Date: 2074-09-09
Code: Law-325
Subjects: Law of Contract

- Date: 2074-09-12
Code: Law-326
Subjects: Family Law

- Date: 2074-09-14
Code: Law-327
Subjects: Media Law

- Date: 2074-09-16
Code: Law-328
Subjects: Administrative Law

- Date: 2074-09-17
Code: Law-329
Subjects: Taxation Law

- Date: 2074-09-18
Code: Law-330
Subjects: Fiscal Law

- Date: 2074-09-19
Code: Law-331
Subjects: International Trade Law

- Date: 2074-09-20
Code: Law-332
Subjects: Equity & Torts

- Date: 2074-09-21
Code: Law-333
Subjects: Child Rights & Juvenile Justice

> Students who failed to submit exam application form as per earlier published notice can submit the exam form in their respective colleges  7 november 2017 (21 Kartik 2074) by paying double fee
> Colleges then should submit the collected examination form to examination controller office, TU on Mangsir 14, 2074 (only one day).


Tribhuvan University Examination Routine 2074


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