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TU publishes exam routine of 3 years B.Sc 1st year and 4 years B.Sc 1st year 2074


Updated on 29 August 2017
Tribhuvan University,exam controller office, Balkhu has postponed all the examinations ( 3/4 years Bachelor Level 1st year 2074 and PCL Level) of Bhadra 17, 2074 due to the festival, Bakar Eid. All the these exams which was supposed to taken on 17 bhadra, now will be on Bhadra 31, 2074.The examination time and center will be the same as per previous notice.

Updated on 17 August 2017
Tribhuvan University exam controller office has re-published (RESCHEDULED on 17 August 2017) the examination routine of 3 years B.Sc 1st year and 4 years B.Sc 1st year 2074

The exam of 3 years B.Sc 1st year starts on 2074-05-11 (Physics-311/Microbiology-311) and ends on 2074-05-30 ( Mathematics-311/Zoology-311).The examination time has been set to morning shift (7:00 am - 10:00 am)

The exam of 4 years B.Sc 1st year  starts on 2074-05-11 (Environment Science/Meterology-101) and ends on 2074-05-29 ( Scientific Communication-101).The examination time has been set to Day Shift (1:00 pm-4:00 pm)

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE (NEW) of 3 years 1st year  given below:
EXAM TIME:7:00 am - 10:00 am

Date: 2074-05-11
Subjects: Physics-311/Microbiology-311

Date: 2074-05-14
Subjects: Statistics-311

Date: 2074-05-16
Subjects: Mathematics-312

Date: 2074-05-18
Subjects: Botany/Meteorology-311

Date: 2074-05-28
Subjects: Geology II 311/ Computer Sci. -311/ Env.Sci.311

Date: 2074-05-30
Subjects: Mathematics-311/Zoology-311

Date: 2074-05-31* (New date)
Subjects: Chemistry-311

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE (NEW) of 4 years 1st year 2074 given below:
EXAM TIME:1:00 pm-4:00 pm

Date: 2074-05-11
Subjects: Environment Science/Meterology-101

Date: 2074-05-14
Subjects: Physics-101

Date: 2074-05-16
Subjects: Geology-101/Computer Science-101

Date: 2074-05-19
Subjects: Mathematics/Botany-101

Date: 2074-05-25
Subjects: Mathematics-102/Microbiology-101

Date: 2074-05-27
Subjects: Statistics/Zoology-101

Date: 2074-05-29
Subjects: Scientific Communication-101

Date: 2074-05-31*(new date)
Subjects: Chemistry-101

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