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TU MBS First Year 2073 and MPA First Year 2073 exam routine published


Tribhuvan University,office of the controller of examination Balkhu has published examination routine of  Master of Business Studies (MBS) First year 2073 and Master in Public Administration (MPA) First Year 2073.

As per schedule, the examination of MBS will starts from 2074-08-27 (Research Methodology and Statistical Methods) and ends on 2074-09-11 (Management Accounting).The examination time for MBS 1st year 2073 will be from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

For Master in Public Administration (MPA) First Year 2073, examination will starts from 2074-08-27 (Fundamental of Public Administration) and ends on 2074-09-11 (Development Management).The examination time for MPA 1st year 2073 will be from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

EXAM SCHEDULE of MBS 1st year 2073 given below:
EXAM time: 11:00 am-3:00 pm
Date: 2074-08-27
Code: MSC 501
Subjects: Research Methodology and Statistical Methods

Date: 2074-08-29
Code: ECO 503
Subjects: Business Economics

Date: 2074-09-03
Code: MGT 504
Subjects: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management

Date: 2074-09-05
Code: MKT 509
Subjects: Marketing Management

Date: 2074-09-07
Code: FIN 508
Subjects: Managerial Finance

Date: 2074-09-11
Code: Acc 507
Subjects: Management Accounting

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EXAM SCHEDULE of MPA First Year 2073 given below:
EXAM time: 11:00 am-3:00 pm
Date: 2074-08-27
Code: PA 510
Subjects: Fundamentals of Public Administration

Date: 2074-08-29
Code: PA 570
Subjects: Local – Self Governance

Date: 2074-09-03
Code: PA 560
Subjects: Organizational Behaviour

Date: 2074-09-05
Code: PA 530
Subjects: Public Policy

Date: 2074-09-07
Code: PA 540
Subjects: Research Methods in Pub. Adm. I

Date: 2074-09-11
Code: PA 550
Subjects: Human Resource Management

Date: 2074-09-13
Code: PA 520
Subjects: Development Management

> Students who failed to submit exam application form as per earlier published notice can submit the exam form in their respective colleges from 7 november 2017 (21 Kartik 2074) by paying double fee
> Colleges then should submit the collected examination form to examination controller office, TU on Mangsir 14, 2074 (only one day).

Tribhuvan University Examination Routine 2074

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