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TU Exam Routine of 4 yrs B.Ed. 2nd year 2074

updated on 4 July 2017 (20 Ashadh 2074)
Tribhuvan University rescheduled the examinations of the following subjects of 4 years B.Ed. Second Year.

Examination Time: 1:00 to 4 :00 pm

Date: 2074-04-03
Subjects: HealthEd.428/PhyEd.428

Subjects: Science Ed. 427

Date: 2074-04-09
Subjects: HealthEd. 429/PhyEd. 429

Updated on 5 June 2017
Tribhuvan University has published exam routine of 4 yrs B.Ed. 2nd year 2074.

The examination of 4 yrs B.Ed. 2nd year 2074 starts from 2074-03-23 and ends on 2074-04-09.

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: 4 yrs B.Ed. 2nd year 2074 given as follows (as on 5 June 2017):
Examination time:1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
1.Date: 2074-03-23
Subjects: Ed.421. Educational Psychology

2. Date: 2074-03-26
Subjects: Eng.Ed/Nep.Ed/Math.Ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Hist.Ed/Eco.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/Ed.Pm/ No.422

3. Date: 2074-03-29
Subjects: Eng.Ed/Nep.Ed/Math.Ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Hist.Ed/Eco.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/Ed.Pm/ No.423

4. Date: 2074-04-01
Subjects: Eng.Ed/Nep.Ed/Math.Ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Hist.Ed/Eco.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/Ed.Pm/ No.424

5. Date: 2074-04-03
Subjects: Eng.Ed/Nep.Ed/Math.Ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Hist.Ed/Eco.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/Ed.Pm/ No.428

6.Date: 2074-04-09
Subjects: Eng.Ed/Nep.Ed/Math.Ed/Sc.Ed/Hp.Ed/Pop.Ed/Geo.Ed/Hist.Ed/Eco.Ed/Pol.Sc.Ed/Ed.Pm/ No.429

Recommended Notice:
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