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TU Exam routine of 3 Years and 4 Years BBS Second Year 2074


Tribhuvan University has published exam routine of 3 Years and 4 Years BBS Second Year 2074.

The examination of 4 years BBS 2nd year 2074 starts from 2074-03-25 (Business communication) and ends on 2074-04-08 (Foundation of Human Resource).

The examination of 3 years BBS 2nd year starts on 2074-03-27 (Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning) and ends on 2074-04-12 (Fundamentals of Marketing).

The Examination time for both 4 years BBS 2nd year and 3 years BBS year is 1 pm to 4 pm.

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: 4 Years BBS 2nd Year 2074 given as follows:
1.Date: 2074-03-25
Subjects: Business Communication-MGT-205

2. Date: 2074-03-28
Subjects: Macro-Economics-MGT-206

3. Date: 2074-04-02
Subjects: Cost & Management Accounting-MGT-212

4.Date: 2074-04-05
Subjects: Fundamentals of Marketing-MGT-214

5. Date: 2074-04-08
Subjects: Foundations of Human Resource Mgmt-216

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: 3 Years B.B.S Second year New & Old course given as follows:
1. Date: 2074-03-27
Subjects: Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning-211

2. Date: 2074-03-30
Subjects: Foundations of Human Resource Mgmt-216

3.Date: 2074-04-06
Subjects: Business Finance-215/Business Law-204

4. Date: 2074-04-10
Subjects: Fundamentals of Financial Mgmt. -215/Legal Environment of Business-204

5. Date: 2074-04-12
Subjects: Fundamentals of Marketing-214

Recommended Notice:
> TU publishes 4 Years BBS, B.Sc. B.Ed and 3 years BBS Exam Center Notice 2074

> TU publishes examination routine for 3 years Bachelor level 2nd year 2074 and 4 years BBS,B.Ed and B.Sc 2nd year 2074

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