Why Some Job Seekers Get Interviews - And Others Wait by the Phone

Luck isn't random. It has a funny way of knocking at the doors of those who are prepared for it.

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When it comes to the job search, some people just seem to have more luck. They're the ones who get traction...they get called for interviews...things happen for them.


Why is that?


Luck isn't random. It has a funny way of knocking at the doors of those who are prepared for it. "Lucky" people are the ones who know how to look for and identify it; they're the ones who lay the necessary foundation that enables luck to pay a visit.


Some people do get a lot of interview activity...more than most. But not because they're lucky.


Here's the key: it's the referral.


Probably the most significant factor when it comes to whether or not a person's candidacy is going to go anywhere is the "inside connection."


A referral is golden, regardless of the context.


If you need to hire a contractor, which person are you more likely to call...somebody you picked at random out of the phone book, or the person a friend recommends?


Whether you're looking to hire a mechanic, a financial advisor, or a realtor, you're probably inclined to ask around and see who your circle of friends suggest. Not only will they provide you with some names, but they'll give you background information and you'll be able to ask questions.




Same goes for the job search.


Put yourself in the hiring manager's shoes. Think about the last time you were trying to fill a position.


Which resume are you more likely to read more carefully...the blind submission, or one that a colleague forwards to you?


Which candidate's email are you more likely to follow up with...the stranger who found your name on the company website and decided to take a shot at a direct resume submission, or the person who lets you know in the first line of the message that he's sending his materials on the recommendation of one of the members of your management team?


You may be an exceptionally qualified candidate. But if you're going up against someone who's forged some kind of personal connection to the hiring manager (even if his qualifications aren't quite as strong), you'll lose every time.


You've got to get inside the company and create a direct path to the person you want to contact.


You may not know anybody there. Yet. Ask your network for help. If there are no direct connections, then start asking your circle of contacts who they know who may be able to get you inside. A friend of a friend or an acquaintance of a colleague...whatever it is, it can work...keep looking until you find that connection.


Exponentially increase your odds of getting in the door by obtaining a referral or an introduction. Your resume will almost certainly be read, which of course means you'll have a much better shot at an interview.


[Source: Rebecca Metschke | 22/04/2009, http://www.articlesbase.com]


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