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Rupy’s International School

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Rupy's International School was first established in 1982 as "The Children’s Castle", a Pre-school designed to provide quality pre-school experiences to children of the international community of Kathmandu, Nepal. Mrs. Rupinder Singh, a mother of three children and the Founder Director of "Rupy's Pre-school", realized the definite need to create an environment for young children that is enriching both academically and spiritually. Rupy's firm commitment and ideas were incorporated into the creation of this school for the welfare of children.

In 1996, The Children's Castle took a new step. We opened our doors to Primary Level students. We have added the Lower Secondary Level and propose to move on to the Secondary and Higher Secondary Level.

In July 1998, school moved to the present location in Baphal, Tahachal. School is situated on eight ropanis of land offering a large space for Pre-school and Primary play area, a parking area and a football field. The environment is very clean with the full learning atmosphere and the neighborhood quiet enough. Our curriculum in Pre-school is of international standard. We follow the international standard curriculum in Primary and Middle School.

The school facility consists of more than adequate play area for Pre-school and Primary school students. The play area is set in surroundings of natural beauty that offers spontaneous and creative play activities for all the participants. Inside the school, the various classrooms exemplify the ever exploring mind of the child and yet display the sincere, loving and caring atmosphere of a healthy learning environment that is so necessary for the enrichment and growth of all children.