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Namuna College of Fashion Technology

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Fashion occupies an important place in the world today and pursuing its study requires a degree of creativity, experience and professionalism. The increasing demand for new/innovative styles and designs in the world of fashion has led to a need for an academic course exclusively dedicated to Fashion Designing in Nepal.

Namuna College of Fashion Technology for Bachelors level of Fashion Design affiliated to the Purbanchal University, Biratnagar was established in 2002 with an aim to bridge the great divide between the ever changing demands of the fashion market and the requirements of students to meet those demands competently.

We have set forth to achieve that aim by imparting quality education in fashion designing in partnership with our extremely creative, highly professional and vastly experienced faculty members. We aim not only for the academic development of our students but also for their overall personal development as individuals.

Till date, we are Nepal's first and only nationally affiliated Graduate Fashion College that runs a year Bachelor in Fashion Design (BFD) program. We are also articulated with Raffles Design Institute, Singapore and Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Sydney, Australia  two leading educational institutions recognized worldwide for their quality of education. Furthermore, we are Nepal's only Graduate Fashion College to have its graduate conferred with the prestigious Nepal Chhattraa Vidhya Padak.

Being Nepal's first Bachelor level fashion college, before our inception, students having an interest in pursuing a study in fashion designing were left with no other alternative but to join foreign universities abroad. Therefore, our establishment, being the first ever of its kind, can be viewed as a milestone in the educational sector in Nepal.


We envision providing fashion education to higher secondary (+2) and Masters levels in the future and we also see ourselves to become a fashion resource and information centre for students, teachers and all other stakeholders of the fashion industry.


We aim to maintain ourselves as a pioneer design college by continually providing our students with updated real-world knowledge, skills and values in the field of fashion technology in an advanced teaching environment supplemented by appropriate infrastructure, highly experienced instructors and mutual relationships with foreign design institutions.