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Mid-western University School of Physical and Life Sciences

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The School of Physical and Life Sciences aims to push ahead the frontiers of modern science and technology through learning, teaching and research, to meet the contemporary challenges in the scientific and technological fields for the overall advancement of the nation and to achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking, and effective decision-making.

The School strives to become a Centre for Science and Technology development and education in Nepal, with an impact extending to the Asian region and at international level as well. The School seeks to provide international standard quality programs of undergraduate and graduate education, to be a research active Institute advancing the knowledge of science and technology, and to serve the overall community as an agent of technological innovation and educational advancement.

The School of Physical and Life Science is committed to promote academic excellence by creating and expanding a scientific culture in the society for the improvement of the quality of life of people. The School fosters the advancement of knowledge by generating innovative ideas and promoting the progress of research for the benefit of the overall community.

The School is determined to prepare competent and up-to-date scientific manpower, to promote scientific research projects in selected fields, attracts scholars in different areas by promoting linkages and coordination with national and international academic institutions, ministries and various stakeholders and expand collaborative exchange programs in science and technology.