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Little Angel's Higher Secondary School

Tell a potential student why your college was the right, or even NOT the right choice for you, help future students by sharing your experiences.
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Little Angels’ College offers students dynamic Science and Commerce programs designed to follow the Government of Nepal’s Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) curriculum. The best teaching faculty in the country has worked together with the brightest young minds of the times, achieving continued success through the use of innovative teaching methods.

Creative ways of learning mean the students engage with the curriculum better. The teaching staff supplements class lectures with tutorials, laboratory work, project work and fieldwork for both Science and Commerce stream students. The college also makes sure that the faculty is attuned to the needs of each of its students. Communication between the staff and the student body is encouraged so that unique needs are addressed properly and on time.

So whether it is understanding the complexities of a chemical reaction or the importance of keeping accounts well, students learn not just the core concepts but also their importance and application in today’s fast paced world.