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Khwopa Higher Secondary School

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Situated at the ancient historical and cultural city, Bhaktapur, Khwopa Higher Secondary School has proved itself to be the most influential academic institution in the district run by the leading academicians and enthusiast locals. 
KHSS was founded by Bhakapur Municipality on 16th Shrawan, 2056 (1st August, 1999). Buoyed up with the idea of enlightening the whole society and the nation by means of providing quality education, the municipality made an aggressive initiation realizing their long term vision of the over all development of Bhaktapur. In its decade long 
history, this instiutition has proved itself as one of the well equipped school with national recognition. 
Moving ahead with its great effort the municipality was successful in setting up Khwopa College and Khwopa Engineering College in 2001, Khwopa Poly-technic Institute in 2004 and Khwopa College of Engineering in 2009 . 
The motto of KHSS is to produce global leaders with sound theoretical knowledge competence and skill. That is why the institution takes every academic year as a new beginning and tries for something that is beyond attainment. The philosophy has always remained to try for something that has never been done or that other have tried and failed. 
This very essence is backed by experienced professors, visiting subject experts and lecturers.