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Khwopa Engineering College

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Khwopa Engineering College(KhEC),established in 2001, located in the heart of a culturally rich city Bhaktapur, just about 14 km far from the capital of the country, is just the Engineering College for those who aspire of becoming professional Engineers and Architects.

The College has its roots in the socio-cultural history of Bhaktapur. The ancient city of Nepal from the 12th to 15th century.

Bhaktapur is still the Cultural Capital of the country. Its repository of magnificent monuments, almost all studded with masterpieces in wood, metal, terra cotta and stone, is such that it is perfect wonderland for the students of Architecture and Engineering. The variously shaped and sized monuments, cultural activities in Bhaktapur make the city more like an Open University of Architecture, Engineering and cultural heritages.
Khwopa Engineering College, Nepal's first public engineering college undertaken by a municipality, embodies the concerted efforts of people of Bhaktapur, who wish to see the overall socio-economic development of this ancient city through education.

With a distant vision of maintaining Bhaktapur's hard-won glory, the college aims to produce highly skilled Engineers/Architects that will have blends of both indigenous and modern-day technologies. In this regard, the college is running with Bachelor's Programs on Civil, Computer, Electronics and communication Engineering and architecture.