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Kathmandu Don Bosco Higher Secondary School

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Kathmandu Don Bosco is an independent co-educational institution offering diverse courses for school level, plus two and undergraduate in management. Established in 1998, Kathmandu Don Bosco, is widely recognized for its quality education, institutional growth, innovative teaching approaches, student centered policies, programs and strategies. Kathmandu Don Bosco truly values and cares its students putting them at the center of all its activities as it believes they are the cause of its existence, success and survival.
At the time when our country is facing severe shortage of competent human resources in different sectors of economy that has created obstacles to the developmental aspiration of the nation, Kathmandu Don Bosco is established with a clear mission to make meaningful contribution to the overall development of the country by producing high caliber, competent and knowledgeable human resources to meet the knowledge deficiency in the country.

Kathmandu Don Bosco is aware of the importance of ethical values and moral character for the students that are essential for their successful personal and professional life. Promotion of these values is one of the key responsibilities of Kathmandu Don Bosco for the production of responsible citizens of the country.
The main objective of the program is to develop the overall personality via:

   1. Strong academic foundation for further studies
   2. Quality to fit in competitive world of job market

Our Academic Excellence
Kathmandu Don Bosco is at the cutting edge of teaching and learning. We offer a wide range of programs from the school education to Bachelors level. New teaching approaches and programs are regularly introduced reflecting an awareness of our changing society and academic needs. Degrees are reviewed to enable our students to develop crucial skills in different fields and to impart in-depth subject knowledge. New research and the latest thinking continually feed the academic teaching in Kathmandu Don Bosco, with our academic staff working at the forefront of their fields of expertise.