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Kantipur Hotel Management & Interior Design College

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Kantipur Hotel Management & Interior Design College (KHMIDC) affiliated to Purbanchal University, was established in the year 2000 A.D. with the motto of providing Hotel Management Education to produce quality hotel and other service professionals.

KHMIDC is ideally located in' Buddhanagar, New Baneshwor at the heart of the Capital City. The sole objective of KHMIDC is to lead its students to these exclusive opportunities through the professional guidance, training and practical - studies. The strength of KHMIDC's course lies in the objective driven, - modular course work conducted by highly qualified professionals formally _ trained to effectively use the latest techniques in education and closely monitor student's progress and this is backed by KHMIDC's intensive practical sessions. We believe that, students understand more on what they see and do by themselves.

KHMIDC is well equipped with latest and most modern amenities and equipments to facilitate students with modern education required by hospitality and catering industry. The environment in the centre is ideally suited' for imparting effective lessons and training of high standards. The exclusive model bar & restaurants, the training kitchen, reception, bakery are extremely sophisticated and immaculately maintained- A well-stocked library caters to the need of the students.

Mission Statement

To produce professionals qualified to serve the hospitality industry in various level starting from junior managers through such educational environment that fosters innovation, enterprise and enthusiasm for excellence in their respective field