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Kantipur Dental College

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Established with an aim to provide world-class dental education and services at home, the KANTIPUR DENTAL COLLEGE TEACHING HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTER (KDCH) is committed to contribute significantly in the overall health care developments in the country as a more responsible institution. For this, we promise to establish international benchmarks at home on producing highly qualified and skilled dental professional with leadership and technical abilities.

We, at KDCH, would like to craft the entire institution as a promising center of excellence for the people who are looking for challenging opportunities in enhancing their learning and professional abilities.

Vision :
Our vision is to establish Kantipur Dental College and Teaching Hospital and Research Center as a center of excellence in dental education, service, research and development areas with the professional touch to help the nation achieve its mission of transformation.

Mission :
Our mission comprises of offering international standard dental education and services by the means of latest technologies being operated by highly qualified professionals, to meet the ever changing aspirations of valued graduates, dental patients, and other stakeholders.

Our attachment with the Kathmandu University as an affiliated college, and functional partnerships with a number of national and international institutions projects the institution will be added value to achieve this mission.