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Excel International College was established in 2009 AD with Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. It is also planning to introduce and launch new academic programs affiliated to Pokhara University (PU) such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business Administration-Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI). In 2010, a group of academics and professionals who have lready promoted Himalyan College of Learning Excellence (HICOLE) affiliated to TU—Bachelor Program in Humanities and Social Sciences and Management Program (BBS) and BBA-based Excel International College affiliated to PU—established an umbrella Educational Network called World Educational Foundation Pvt. Ltd (WEF). World Educational Foundation (WEF) is also planning to introduce new academic programs at Himalayan Hill Wood International College—GCE A-Level— affiliated to Cambridge University.

The performance of the BBA first batch has been excellent with one of our students becoming Pokhara University Topper in the first semester result of 2010 (SGPA 4:00 out of SGPA 4:00). It shows that the name Excel International College is not a misnomer; it has the wherewithal to make its students excel. That Excel's performance has been constantly going up is also underscored by the PU result of 2011. A first semester student of the second batch of the college emerged as the university topper with the SGPA of 4:00 out of 4:00. Similarly a third semester student became the university second topper with the SGPA of 3:94 out of 4:00.

To dispense an integrated high quality education system up to the advanced level and to produce such manpower which has solid grounding in the theories of management as well as a first-hand experience of the application of those theories in the top organizations of this country.

To impart high quality education and training to students in order to turn them into world-class managers who will have the knack for offering innovative solutions to benefit the nation and the world at large.