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Camad College

Tell a potential student why your college was the right, or even NOT the right choice for you, help future students by sharing your experiences.
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"We are affiliated to Pokhara University with a mission to provide an educational environment that stimulates students achieve professional excellence with student-centered teaching and learning approach. We also provide extracurricular activities relevant to students’ academic program to establish direct link with the real world situation.

Camad College is for:

Creativity: Students are encouraged to explore their talents and apply creativity.  Students are inspired to promote team-based learning and challenge for creative solution from each other’s talents and support in achieving academic and career goals.
Achievement: We nurture the culture of results orientation in each individual and also encourage students to achieve excellence in all spheres. All students will be given the opportunity to be achievers in every way as they are with extensive coaching and counseling.
Moral Values: Discipline, honesty, sincerity, respect and care for each other are the core values of Camad College. Values for academic achievements are important, but more so for the value of good character of students.  Special recognition is given to students who have demonstrated qualities of a good character, on the basis of set criteria for evaluation.

Action Orientation: We advocate for activity-based learning. Students will be engaged in different activities which will help them develop their self-confidence.  This will also enable them to participate constructively in social services and welfare activities.

Development: In response to ever changing development paradigms and challenges, students will be familiarized with contemporary development issues and help they debate on such issues. They will also be encouraged to participate in contributing to address emerging development needs.”