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Brookfield International College

Tell a potential student why your college was the right, or even NOT the right choice for you, help future students by sharing your experiences.
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Many colleges can prepare you to make a living. At Brookfield, we prepare you to live. With the active support from business and management scholars and its re-engineered capacity, the BIC, already a trademark in education, was encouraged to introduce the Bachelors in Business Studies programme for the prospering students since last year (2003). A sister academy under the powerful banner of  Raktakali Education Foundation, the BIC is an outstanding academic platform. Its promoters and teaching staff are already established scholars and they are expert in their respective faculties.

Academic Atmosphere

We believe the students at BIC will not only enjoy its serene and courteous atmosphere but will also appreciate the milieu of academic and othere extra curricular activities that play a pivotal role in building up personality in the them. Being always attentive in reducing educational shortcomings and aberrations that could be rampant in other institutions, the College is committed to providing the best possible modality of education that makes the students fit in perusing their professional and social goals.