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Narottam Aryal, Principal
Approach towards education is changing globally and cloud campuses are mushrooming

Narottam Aryal is a principal of King's College located at babarmal, Kathmandu.

A recipient of ‘Manager of the Year Award 2013’ by Managers Association of Nepal for excellent management skill and organisational growth, Narottam Aryal started his career as a teacher in TU Public Administration Campus in 1999. Through the years he was involved in various educational institutions like Apex College, Campion College, CG Education System and Kasthamandup School of Public Affairs Management and today is the Executive Director and Principal of King’s College.

A believer in knowledge based education rather than being marks oriented which is the system of education in our country, he says, “I believe in focusing on academic excellence along with extra-curricular activities.” He adds, “A college should be where one can discover their talents and have the means to develop them. We do our best in providing those elements for students.”

Leading the way
A topper in his student days, working in the education sector has given him an insight into how to deal with students and staff. He says, “I strongly believe that when you work with dedication everything will fall into place.”

As an executive and director of Kings College, Aryal says, “My responsibilities entail looking after the academic, administrative and financial aspects of the organisation. I set the organisation’s goals by discussing with my team and make sure that we are moving on the right track to achieve it. The job in itself is challenging and the country’s policies regarding the affiliations, which are not academic-friendly, makes it all the more daunting to introduce any kind of new courses.”

He believes in commitment and genuine effort when it comes to work and he believes that a leaderhas to be a good human being first and then a thorough professional.” He adds, “But nowadays people are materialistic and they work for personal gains rather than the betterment of society.” When asked about his mantra for good management, he states, “One should believe in team work and that the organisation comprises of different people coming together to work. Treat the staff with respect, give them opportunities to grow, give them a sense of security and keep them motivated be it with tangible or intangible benefits.”

What matters most
He asserts that he is lucky to have found a vocation that satisfies him.He says, " I work enthusiastically knowing that I am contributing to the nation's development by providing quality education to the younger generation and developing the future of our country."

Aryal says that the approach towards education is changing globally and cloud campuses are mushrooming. In context to Nepalm he opines, " If productive policies are adopted, Nepal has the potential to be an education hub that produces future entrepreneurs."

Citing that success is an ongoing process and not a destination you hurriedly reach, he is of the opinion that when society recognises you as a public figure you have to maintain that stature and work harder and better to be worthly of that recognition."I strongly believe that success has given a positive boost to my personality and I still strive to make our society better," he says.

In future, Aryal says that he wants to turn Kings Collegs into an excellent university equipped with best faculties under one roof.As of now, they are focusing on making the college more systematic with more academic resources.

 Aryal's management tips
> Work for the betterment of society
> Be passionate
> Keep egos aside
> Respect your workplace

About Kings College
Established in 2003 as an A Level institution, King's College has developed into a full-fledged institution of higher learning with the addition of BBA and MBA programs since 2009 AD, with the sole objective of making world-class education available to Nepali youths at home. In addition, we are the only college in Nepal that offers an exclusive MBA on Entrepreneurship. We have now around 650 students and more than 75 staff. Based on the remarkable performance within a short span, the college has recently been awarded the Best Emerging B-School of Nepal 2013 by New Business Age.

source:Rojina Maharjan (2014),The Himalayan Times,1 June 2014
Photos : Ratna Sambhav Upadhaya / THTAryal's management tips


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