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Royal Educational Foundation Pvt.Ltd.

Bishnu Hari Pandey:Managing Director
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Founded in 2003, Royal Educational Foundation is a nationally recognized educational consultancy with a mission to offer high quality counseling service and professional training and classes to enable to achieve their own goals.
\nRoyal offers vocational, bachelors, masters, doctoral and institutional degrees in more than 100 degree program around the world.
\nThe Royal located in the city of Kathmandu capital of Nepal assuming the Hub for international students and dream place for academic regards. As a hub we are proud of our high standard in all aspects of educational counseling on world education and training. Our organization offers excellent counseling facilities, featuring up to date information and workshops for national and international universities, colleges and institutes.
\nThe Royal welcomes students who wish to study abroad on different countries all over the world. Visiting personally with Royal expert counselors is great experience on a personal level but certainly also on an intellectual level. Our international education guidance give you access to many exciting lines of academic challenges anywhere you like and you already have a network. We have the biggest selection of academic courses and country with some of the best very facilities providing you with ultimate resource for work and study and invaluable experience for your academic as well as professional career. Whatever your ambition and plans for the future we can help make it happen.