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PCL Nursing

Course TitlePCL Nursing
Duration36 Months
Cost Range(NRs.)NA
Academic YearYearly
Evaluation MethodPercentage
Affiliated toCouncil for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)
FacultyPharmacy & Nursing

Course Description

This course aims to prepare the first level of professional nursing manpower who could provide nursing care either at community or institutional level with their professional skills and attitude learnt in class. Besides they can take the leadership role in managing client care in the hospital as well as in the community settings.


Objectives of the program
The general purpose of the basic nursing educational program is to prepare a competent and self reliant nurse who will be able to care for individuals, groups and communities according to the principles of primary health care.


Upon completion of the program the graduate will:
1. Utilize a sound knowledge base in giving care to well and sick individuals, families and communities.
2. Perform preventive and therapeutic measures directed toward promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.
3. Utilize communication skills effectively with individuals and groups in a variety of settings.
4. Utilize the nursing process in providing and improving health care.
5. Assume leadership for planning, directing and evaluating care given by health workers.
6. Teach and supervise individuals, families and groups including health care workers.
7. Collaborate with multi-sectoral groups to develop a healthful environment, including safe drinking water, sanitation and other basic needs of the community.
8. Mobilize the community to participate in the activities of the village health post.
9. Demonstrate a positive attitude and respect for cultural values in working to meet needs and solve problems.
10. Continue to seek new knowledge for personal and professional growth.


These overall objectives are used in each year to create specific objectives which guide the learning experiences from simple to complex.


Practical Exposure
Students will spend majority of time in practical areas in accordance with the course requirement. Various specialized hospitals, clinics, urban as well as rural communities (concurrent and residential), industries community and government run schools are the areas where students will be exposed to gain practical skills and knowledge under close supervision of highly qualified and skilled manpower. Besides, students will also be posted in our own well equipped Stupa Community Hospital (SCH) on rotation basis. 


Evaluation system
Students must obtain 80% and 90 % attendance in theory and practicum respectively in order to sit in the final examination held by CTEVT. Besides students must obtain pass marks in the internal assessment conducted by the faculty twice every year (40 % in theory and 50% in practicum) in order to be qualified for the final examination. Internal assessment carries 20 percent and 50 percent of the total theory and practicum marks respectively in every subject.  Final exam will be on the basis of written, practical and viva voce conducted by CTEVT.


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