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Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (MA Buddhist Studies)

Course TitleMaster of Arts in Buddhist Studies (MA Buddhist Studies)
Duration24 Months
Cost Range(NRs.)NA
Academic YearSemester
Evaluation MethodGPA
Affiliated toKathmandu University
FacultyHumanities, Languages, Religious Studies and Library Science

Course Description


The MA program is a 2-year (4 semester/60 credit) program that combines graduate level seminars with extensive research in primary source literature and languages. The program provides students with the methods and skills required for mature academic research, and develops their ability to undertake independent research projects within the field of Buddhist Studies.

At the beginning of the program each student is assigned a Thesis Supervisor who works with the student on developing the thesis proposal and the thesis itself.

During the first year of study the emphasis is on developing the necessary competence in classical Tibetan and Sanskrit to conduct research in Buddhist primary literature as well as gaining familiarity with the methodological approaches to academic Buddhist studies. In the language classes, students study extensively classical Buddhist literature from the Sanskrit and Tibetan traditions, which provides them with the ability to read complex philosophical material in these primary source languages.

In research seminars, also offered during the first year of study, issues of method in academic research of religion and Buddhism are discussed. These courses introduce the historical development of the study of religion and enable the graduate student to engage in critical scholarship and research.

In the second year, the focus is turned toward the practical application of the skills acquired during the first year of study, culminating in the writing of the MA thesis. Working with an experienced thesis supervisor, the student formulates a thesis project and spends the first semester studying the necessary historical, literary, and philosophical background materials before spending the second semester on the writing of the thesis itself, likewise guided by the thesis supervisor.


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