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Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Course TitleBachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
Duration36 Months
Cost Range(NRs.)NA
Academic YearYearly
Evaluation MethodPercentage
Affiliated toTribhuvan University
FacultyLaw and Legal Studies

Course Description

Legal education received by the people can influence the development of the national legal system. Legal education is a professional education, which requires adequate doctrinal knowledge of law, legal skills and attitude for responding to national needs. The graduates of the law campuses of Tribhuvan University should be able to render legal services to the nation and individuals in complex legal matters. The society expects that the law graduates should render justice and make people aware of human rights protection and of the need for exploitation less social base. So the law graduates should be equipped with adequate knowledge of law and legal skills. For all this, greater attention should be paid to constantly reviewing and improving the curriculum teaching learning techniques, etc. so that they would all stand professionally at par with those in other countries. In many universities of the world educational planners, technologists, academicians have developed and developing new instructional techniques, curriculum, structures, and restructuring duration of courses. In the context of changes in the experiences and practices of SAARC and other Asian countries legal education in Nepal needs modification. It should aim at upgrading and raising the quality of legal education as professional education.


In the academic year of 1996, Tribhuvan University introduced a three year Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Programme in the Faculty of Law. Initially, the students who passed the two-year certificate level could get admission in the three-year B.L. program. But, to improve the quality of legal education, certificate level system after SLC was abolished. Since, students graduating in any subjects are eligible to apply for LL.B degree. Currently ten public  campuses affiliated to Tribhuvan University are conducting LL.B. programs since academic year 1996.


Objectives of the Programme

  • To provide the students with in-depth knowledge of law and develop in them skills of reasoning, investigation, analysis and critical thinking, and practical skills necessary for legal career;
  • To enable them to communicate and write legal documents  in a clear and effective way;
  • To convey to them knowledge of law in action and of the role of law in society and to enable them to handle complex legal situations effectively;
  • To promote the values of justice, rights and liberty and to make the law graduates from Tribhuvan University able to compete with the law graduates from other universities of Asia (SAARC region at least);
  • To broaden the intellectual horizon and develop the personalities of law students and;
  • To prepare middle-level legal manpower for new roles in national development efforts and private sectors.


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