Tips on how to write a successful proposal

Your proposal should provide enough background information and be clearly written to ensure that people within and out of your area can understand what you are proposing to do, and the rationale behind it

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Make sure your proposal is understandable
The assessor who receives your report may be in your area of research but may not be an expert in your specific field. Therefore your proposal should provide enough background information and be clearly written to ensure that people within and out of your area can understand what you are proposing to do, and the rationale behind it.

Have a Novel Idea
Your proposed research needs a novel hypothesis – something with an angle or aspect that is new and exciting. If you are branching into an area that you haven’t published in before, you should look to collaborate or have supervisor who is strong in that field of research. Don’t make your proposal technique focussed.

Provide Preliminary Data

Provide enough background information/ preliminary data to support your hypothesis: no-one will fund a good idea.

This is a key part of your application but often given the least attention. This is used to determine who the project will be assessed by. To get the best possitlb review, this summary must accurately reflect the proposed research.

The hypothesis, aims and methods should be strongly linked and presented in a way that saves flicking back and forth through pages. The method should state how you propose to achieve aim 1 and aim 2, etc.

Final Note:
Write your application to reflect the needs of the funding body. For example, a project grant will fund the ‘project’ not the ‘person’ Your track record may be excellent but if your proposal isn’t sound they won’t necessarily fund it.

2010-12-01 | Prabin Raj Gautam

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I really do not know what a proposal is. Is it like a resume or Microsoft support are you actually calling a proposal as a resume? I am completely confused here. I think it is more of curriculum vitae.

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