Radio Jockey (RJ)

The most essential factor for a Radio Jockey is a good voice with the ability to modulate as per the occasion.


Radio Jockey (RJ) is a person who anchors music programmes on radio. He selects music to be played by interacting with audience, delivers relevant local, national & international news and information in his very own style. The main task of radio jockey is to entertain & engage audience in such a way that they feel as events are going in front of them. A successful career in this field requires spontaneity, rationality, creativity of mind, good sense of humor, excellent communication skills & ownership of a live appealing voice.
This is a profession where people may not know you by your name but by your voice. People instantly connect to your voice. A Radio jockey must be friendly & warm and your voice should reflect that warmth. Today, radio jockeying is considered to be a 'hot' profession and some radio jockeys have become household names, such as Hem Subedi, Rita Limbu, Kusum Bajracharya, Chirag, Sumit , Prashant , Ashish, Chirag,  Nirnaya , Rajani etc

After transformation from AM (amplitude modulation) channels to FM (frequency modulation) channels, the radio boom witnessed a new industry rising. This gave opportunity to various private players such as Kantipur FM, KATH 97.9, Classis FM, Hits FM,. Nepal FM,Nepal FM,Capital FM etc. FM Radio is a fast progressing industry with more and more channels opening up. This FM boom has opened up a number of opportunities to young people who have passion to entertain.

Though no formal educational qualification is required, a degree or at least plus two is generally a pre requisite.

The most essential factor for a Radio Jockey is a good voice with the ability to modulate as per the occasion. RJ should have good communication powers and language skills. Besides, RJ should have a clear diction and accurate pronunciation.People listen to you if you have something new to share. Hence, staying updated is very important for a radio jockey. RJ needs to keep track of the happenings in and around the city.

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