For many in Nepalese glamor industry, modeling used to be a part time job for this sector was unable to support the individual's life. But now, things have changed. Modeling career has now metamorphosised into one of the most rewarding and sought after career options in Nepal.


A model is a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting clothing lines, fashion products or luxury items. He/she can also pose for a work of art like painting, sclupture etc. Modeling is one of the most fascinating career options in the world of glamour. It is the field of glamour, fashion and fun. The lifestyle that comes with modelling is very appealing, and yet it is full of challenges and stress. Modeling is a rewarding profession known for its extravagent lifestyle and glamour dominated by females. Modelling is one of the few industries where the earning power of women is higher than that of men. This is largely due to the fact that men's fashion and fragrance markets are considerably smaller than the women's.

Career in the field of Modeling is also considered as a gateway for entering into the film industry - National and International. Modeling is a highly competitive and short-lived career untill one meets the physical requirements and standards of the profession. Further, stress factor is high with odd working hours. The job also requires a lot of stamina and patience and strength of character to cope with rejection and criticism, which is common in the competitive world of modelling and fashion. Though there is no any specific academic qualifications required for this profession, a sense of responsibility, reliability and personal neatness are important aspects. Punctuality and reliability are crucial as photo shoots and fashion shows have very tight and demanding schedules. Likewise, perfecting your walk or just being thin aren't the only requirements for being a model. Modeling is all about having the right attitude and understanding the requirement of the assignment and being able to project it. Only the person with a neat, slender figure, plenty of energy and the right attitude will attain success in this career.

There is no specific qualification or age limit to enter into this field. The first step for making an entry into it is to prepare a portfolio which consists of a series of photographs taken by a professional photographer. The portfolio can then be shown to an advertising agency, a reputable model agent or a fashion designer. There is still another way to enter into this career. You can always apply for the contests sponsored by magazines, cloth manufactures, cosmetic companies or can participate in different types of beauty pageants held every year.

The Work of a model is not a typical 10 to 5 job. Your working hours as a model differs according to the circumstances. It is usually long and stressful during tight schedules while sometimes it is shorter with more leisures and travels. Similarly, where you work entirely depends on what kind of model you are. In house models working for fashion companies will spend their time in design studios, showrooms, stores and fashion show venues. Photographic models have to work as per the requirements of the photo shoot. You could work indoors in studios and other venues, or outdoors in all weather conditions, depending on the needs of the shoot. Modelling involves a lot of travel (sometimes overseas) to attend castings, fashion shows and photo shoots, which may mean having to stay away from home for a day to a week, a month or more. Today, most models work in all fields of high fashion modeling including catwalk, commercials, videos and photographic work for fashion magazines and advertising campaigns. Their lives are physically exhausting. Demanding schedules, stress of travel and fierce competition takes a heavy toll of a model's career. Very few can handle the pace, competition or rejection and it takes someone with special qualities to succeed.

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