Bar Tender

The main responsibility of bartender is to know the standard drink recipes and be able to mix them quickly and accurately.


Bartending as a career and the prospect is increasing day by day. Due to its increasing demand, in Nepal also, there are many individuals who are keen to take it up as career. Bartending is an extremely demanding yet most flexible and exciting profession. This profession allows a bartender to change their work environment whenever they want a change of pace. A talented bartender can chose to work anywhere in the country, or in the world. Some might prefer the hotel while some might enjoy the charm and excitement of nightclubs.

Bartender serves alcoholic beverages behind a bar in a bar, pub or any other similar types of establishment. There are many ways alcoholic drinks are made. For instance many ingredients are combined, and each drink may be made in several ways.  The main responsibility of bartender is to know the standard drink recipes and be able to mix them quickly and accurately.These days customers are more smarter and educated than before. They have an eye for perfection. They know about wines & they are more demanding. This requires bartender to have extensive knowledge of alcoholic drinks and they should be able to do multi-tasking efficiently. They should be fast and serve customers as per their demands. Though exciting may it sound, its not an easy profession as this career usually require the ability to work nighttime hours and might not end until after two or three o’clock in the morning.

There are several bartending training institutes in Nepal. Attending those institutes is the first step toward a career as bartender. Normally, the training period ranges from two weeks to one months depending upon training institutes and it will cost you between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 7,000.  These institutes will teach you about all of the available alcoholic drinks. In addition, it will also teach you how to effectively manage a bar and its patrons.

Work Conditions
Though this profession sounds exciting, it demands a lot of hard work. It is not as easy as it sounds. Bar tenders ought to work late in the evening and usually work past midnight. Though demanding this is one of the most staple profession. People just need a reason. They will drink no matter what the occasion is, good or bad. Thus, a Bar tending will always be a steady job with steady pay.

Due to odd working hours, there are fewer women in this field compared to men. However, the ladies who have dared to take up bartending as a career are satisfied with their choice.

In case of Nepal, Bartenders usually must be at least 18 years of age. Knowledge of Basic English will be an advantage. Bartenders also usually serve as the public image of the bar hence they must have a neat and clean appearance and a pleasant, agreeable manner.

Personal Requirements
A good bartender must be a very easy going person and friendly because as a bartender one has to mix with some very strange people. But no matter how stressful this job might be it can be extremely satisfying at the end of the shift.

Observation is the first step to learning. You can learn a lot by simply observing experienced bartenders at work. They can show you how to layer drinks, teach you about what types of liquors and mixers go in the different mixed drinks, and how to interact with the customers on a bartending level..

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