Time for the exams: SLC

Though people say that SLC is the most difficult examination in school life, I assure you that it is not true. It is not difficult, but our psychological mindset has made it complex.

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I wasn’t much good in my studies, but I had a strong belief that I could secure distinction in the SLC exams. Accordingly, my family made all sorts of arrangements to help me study hard. Similar arrangements may have been made for you too. Anyway, here’s to “Mission Distinction”. You have no more time left for this year’s SLC, and you know the famous epithet that has been given to it: Iron Gate.

Though people say that SLC is the most difficult examination in school life, I assure you that it is not true. It is not difficult, but our psychological mindset has made it complex. The reasons why SLC is complex are:

> There are competitors nationwide.
> You need to go to a new place to sit for the examination with new invigilators.
> The examination is guided by national rules and regulations.
> The examination has been named the Iron Gate which you have to get through to go for higher studies.
> Some parents take the SLC results as a matter of prestige.
> Schools do business on the basis of the SLC results.

One thing you must not forget is that preparing for the SLC exams does not mean only going through your textbooks. The questions are asked from a wide range of matter. You have to stay updated with the current political, social, economic, cultural and environmental happenings in the country. Moreover, you need to focus more on the current happenings worldwide. For this, you need to read the newspapers. Articles related to social and political events can be fruitful to connect your ideas. When you have more knowledge, you can filter the appropriate logic to frame your answer. That is the difference the examiner finds in your answer and you get marks accordingly. You also need to inspire your examiner through your handwriting, layout, neatness and the logic of the answers.

Students! Passing an examination is not all that you need to do. What is important is whether you have learned new things or not. And only

learning does not count if you do not apply the knowledge in your daily life. You can apply the knowledge when you do your daily activities. You become a successful student when you inject this formula in your life. Those who secure good marks by cheating and do not have any knowledge will have an unbalanced life.

I constantly tell my students that more than 80 percent of your success in life depends on your personality, the power to influence others and the way you think. So, even if you have lower marks there is nothing to worry about if you have the above mentioned qualities. Your certificate counts for only 20 percent in your life. SLC is the end of a phase of your academic life and the starting point of another academic life. This is also the chance to erase all the failures of your school examinations and show your talent in the market. Take this examination as a chance to make an impression and also as a stepping stone on the highway of your successful life.

Up to this time, I am sure that your path to the SLC exams is open and that you are preparing for them very sincerely. You probably have piles of practice books on your study table, and it seems like you are a real student. And you might be tired with the never-ending trigonometric questions of optional math, the never correct map of Nepal in social studies, geometrical proofs of mathematics, correctness in Nepali writing, Q-basic programs of computer, a long specimen of the budget sheet and bank cash book of accountancy and many more.

I commend you for your great labour and patience, and I hope the following suggestions might be helpful to you.

Preparation phase
> Ensure that your health is in good condition. Drink enough water and manage your diet.
> Make a peaceful study environment. Collect every kind of study material you need.
> Make a study time table. Allocate time to each subject on the basis of its difficulty. Don’t forget to ask for help from whom you can.
> Keep a healthy relationship with teachers, friends and family members.
> Make a positive mental attitude about the examination.
> Give positive auto-suggestions like I am good at math, I am learning things faster and so forth.
> Avoid more gatherings and social networks.
> Get enough rest. Use the mornings for your study. Studies have shown that the time after 3 am is best for studying.
> Read each and every topic thoroughly. Do not jump over topics. It breaks your link of ideas.
> Use a dictionary for difficult words. Make the habit of reading newspapers every day.
> Take a test of yourself. Ask your teacher to evaluate your performance.
> Point out your weaknesses. Admit them and correct them immediately.

Examination phase
> Be positive. Never have any kind of fear.
> Revise every topic at least once.
> Carry all your requirements.
> Attempt all the questions sincerely.
> Do not hurry. Revise your answers once or twice.
> After the exams, share your answers with your friends.
> Evaluate yourself. Always count your guess mark and write it at the top of the question paper.
> After all your exams, calculate your percentage and wait for the results.

source: Dhahal, Ram Prasad (2012),"Time for the exams: SLC", The Kathmandu Post, 11 March 2012

2012-03-11 | EducateNepal


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