Studying Human Psyche

One can also work as teacher, supervisor, researcher, service provider and also can independently practice of providing coun selling, psychotherapy, assessment and py, assessment and counselling services to individuals, couples/families, groups and organisations

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Sangita Shrestha

After completing your Bachelor's, if you do not want to join the two year Masters level course but try something different, then Counselling Psychology might be one subject you would could opt for. It is a one-year Post Graduate Degree (PGD) equivalent to one-year B Ed Degree.

At present, Counselling Psychology and Social Studies College (CPSSC), Buddhanagar and TriChandra Multiple Campus (TC), Ghantaghar are the only colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) that are offering this course. TC introduced the course in 2004 while CPSSC is providing the degree since 2006.Know the course Counselling Psychology is related to a psychological specialty which is the combination of research and applied work in broad areas like counselling process and outcome, supervision and training, career development and counselling, prevention and health.

Bijaya Bijukchha Pradhan, Co-ordinator and Counsellor at CPSSC defined, “Counselling Psychology course focuses on different aspects -overall assets and strengths of a person, interaction of an individual with the surrounding environment. This course also enhances educational and career development of a person together with overall personalities.“ Meanwhile, Bin od Poudel, Psychologist and teacher at CPSSC, opines that this course “helps a person to find a so lution to any kind of prob lem that s/he is facing in his/her life“.

And revealing the nature of students who study this subject, Poudel informs, “Mostly the students of Counselling Psychology are professionals from various backgrounds and those who have to deal with people directly in their profession.“

After the degree Counselling Psychology as per Narayan Prasad Sharma, lecturer at TC “is a subject that deals with human behaviour and understand ing the behaviour for living and leading a good life.“

So, after you complete PGD in Counselling Psychology, you can work in any sector that deals with tors, social workers, et cetera study this subject to deal with their pro fession and stress. Pushpa Yonzan, a teacher by profes sion, joined Counselling Psychology at TC “to know the human behaviour as a counsellor. “After studying Counselling Psychology, one can work as counsellor at NGOs, INGOs, education institutions, hospitals and more.“

To this Pradhan adds, “One can also work as teacher, supervisor, researcher, service provider and also can independently practice of providing coun selling, psychotherapy, assessment and py, assessment and counselling services to individuals, couples/families, groups and organisations“.Other motives But, besides getting a cer tificate and working as a counsellor, there are other motives for the students to study this course.

Shanker Prasad Baskota, Lab Technician and Admin istrator at TC reveals, “Most of the Bachelor's degree offered in Nepal have three academic years. But educational institutions in other countries give validity only to four-year Bachelor's de gree. As such, students study one-year PGD in Counselling Psychology to gain four academic years in Bachelor's degrees.“Meanwhile professionals like lawyers, teachers, doc psychology of students and their behaviour. Only then could I teach in an effective way.“

Yonzan, who taught in schools for many years shares, “Before studying this subject, I used to think based on my own experi ence and perspective. As such I wouldn't be able to teach my students in a proper way.“Manoj Giri doing his PGD in Counselling Psychol ogy at CPSSC finds this subject important as it “mainly focuses in the attitude and changing the attitude for the right reason to live a healthy life.“

Giri, who is also working in the human resource department in a law firm states, “This subject has helped me to know the perspectives and view point of both the employees and employers. This way any problem that arouses in the organisation can be solved easily and a good work environment can be created.“

Challenges “Mostly in Nepal the term counselling has been misused and misinterpreted where in any organisation anyone who is giving advice is becoming a counsellor.But a counsellor should show a person from every perspective why s/he is having a certain problem.Moreover a counsellor should also support the person to build their self-esteem and confidence,“ Pradhan cites about the most crucial challenge seen in this sector.

And, if anyone wants to continue further studies in this subject, then there is no provision for it and one has to go abroad, as per Sharma. Meanwhile, Giri complains, “The theories we deal with in the subjects are applicable mostly in Western culture and might not be relevant in our society.And sometimes we see language barriers where the term used in the course does not have any term in local context.“

Fee Structure:
> TriChandra Multiple Campus (TC): Rs.35,110 (40 seats)
> Counselling Psychology and Social Studies College (CPSSC): Rs. 45,500 (30 seats)

About the course:
Total Marks: 500

> Foundation of Human Behaviuor and Development Psychology
> Personality
> Psychological Assessment
> Counselling Pshychology
> Practical Counselling Psychology

Eligibility Criteria:
> Any Student who has passed Bachelor's degree in any faculty is eligible to get admission in this course.

source:Shrestha, Sangita(2012),"Studying human psyche", The Himalayan Times,20 June 2012

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