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Equivalent to 10+2 level in Nepal, A level studies is recognized throughout the world

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A-Level an advance level, is General Certificate of Education (GCE) qualification, run by Cambridge International Education (CIE) board. It is usually studied over a two-year period as Advance Subsidiary (AS) level. The qualification is equivalent to 10+2 level and has worldwide recognition.

Over 170 countries have been running this program, with a variety of 60 subjects divided between science and non-science. While studying A-level education in Nepal, students compete with worldwide students. Due to its worldwide recognition, students do not have to struggle hard to get admission in foreign universities. Students preferring to enroll in decent foreign universities after +2 have been opting for A-level study.

"These days craze of A-level education has been increasing" said Susant Tripathi, academic coordinator or Malpi Institute. He claims that scientific and analytic nature of the study, more students have been opting for the education. "All disciplines are scientific but we focused on practical knowledge and analytical study in A-level", he added.

The CIE board sets the questions and check the copies of all the student across the globe, so doubt of compromise in grading system is zero, claims A-level operators. "Compared to +2 colleges, everything is different in A-level study", said Ajit Lama, Program Director at Trinity International College. He claims that teaching techniques, exam assessment patterns in A-level are different from other studies. "We believe in practical education and teach them to apply accordingly", he added. He claims that advance knowledge is imparted to the students.

"Due to quality of education, students easily get international exposure. They can easily get admission in world class universities", he said. "Some students have been doing best in Nepalese universities as well". Students may have different requirements, and A-level study is an answer to all, claims Lama. He said that A-level graduates have been doing excellent in MBBS studies, BBA and other discipline inside and outside the country.Institutes operating A-levels education claims that they counsel the students properly before the admission. "We help them recognize their interest, and counsels them and help them to persue the career accordingly", said Lok Bahadur Bhandari, Chief Executive Officer of Xavier International College. "That means students get very unique experience and guidance". He claims that his college teaches in research base from the day one class. Students have to study advance course in A-level course. "They study course of 2015 and questions does not repeat", he said.

According to Bhandari, good A-level results give access to undergraduate studies at best universities across the globe. Every year thousands of A-level students get places at best universities worldwide including USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Tek Nath Poudel of British college said that depth study of the subject in A-level helps shape future of the students. He said that students o not necessarily have to choose between math/science of English/humanities, they can mix them. If the students are already focused in particular career, there is to tart specialize it. "What matters most is choosing subjects, which the students enjoy the most", he said. "We help them recognize their interest and strength". He said that A-level education gives professional and vocational knowledge. Operators claim that compare to other academic field A-level study is not most costly. "We have to pay much for examination charge, so the fee seems little much but students get a lot than they spend", he added.

In Nepal about 40 educational institutions have been offering A-level course and about 2,000 students every year. Operators said that each students have to spend Rs.400,000 to complete degree. Poudel said that SLC graduate students are eligible to get admission in A-level.

source: republica,18 June 2013

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