Creating your own designs

Besides a fashion designer, one can work as a garment technologist, fash ion photographer and choreographer where pas sion, dedication and pa tience are required to be successful in this field.

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Sangita Shrestha
Most of you would love to flaunt trendy designs. But if you are keen to create your own designs for others by pursuing a career in the fashion world, then the Bachelor-level fashion courses available within the country could be the route for you.

The IEC College of Art and Fashion affiliated to Vinayaka Missions University, India, Namuna College of Fashion Technology (NCFT)affiliated to Purbanchal University, Nepal and Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF) affiliated to Sikkim Manipal University, India are providing BSc in Fashion Technology, Bachelor in Fashion Design (BFD) and BSc in Apparel and Fashion Design respectively.

About the courses
In general `Fashion' indicates a trend or style which is accepted in contempo rary lifestyles defining the wearer's personality and outlook. Fashion Designing course as per Sanjil Shrestha, Co-ordinator of NCFT, “is a creative skillbased course and is the combination of art, science and technology.“ He adds, “Basically, the term fashion assembles everything within its periphery and is directly or indirectly related to everything surrounding us, and when it comes to fashion designing, it is related to the design of apparel and accessories.“

NCFT introduced the course in 2002 at the under graduate level. For Suchita Sachi, Co-ordinator of LBEF, School of Fashion Technology which was started in 2004, “Fashion designing course enhances knowledge about the personality where the designer's only motive is to figure out how a person can look the best just by wearing garments.“

She adds, “Generally there are different people having different body types and as a designer s/he should visually rectify their figure or look using proper dress.“

The IEC College of Art and Fashion is running in its fourth year. And Shailaja Adhikary, Managing Director of the college defines the course as “the combination of science and art where the course is a complete package for changing and enhancing personality and knowing clothing and accessorising complete age groups from children to adults.“

All three colleges offer three-year undergraduate course, that is semester based. The courses cover from history of fashion to new technology. More than 30 subjects are taught within the three years.

Eligibility and scholarship
Those who have passed their +2 level in any faculty are eligible for the entrance exams taken by these colleges. And one must pass the entrance test to get admission.These college have provision for scholarships as well. “We provide scholarship based on the results of the entrance test. The scholarship amount is invested for laptop, machine, et cetera that are required for the students to pursue their studies,“informs Adhikary about the scholarship provision at IEC.

Likewise, NCFT, as per Shrestha has three types of scholarships -Semester Exams scholarship (50 per cent tuition fee is given to a student who attains the first position in semester exams), Entrance Exam scholarship (onetime scholarship of 50 per cent discount on admission fee and is given to a student who attains the Photo: Courtesy LBEF highest marks in entrance exam) and Social scholarship ( 25 per cent discount on tuition fees per semester is given to one student under the Dalit and disabled group).

Sachi, meanwhile, reveals that at LBEF students who obtain 60 per cent to 90 per cent in entrance exam will get up to 10 per cent scholarship in tuition fee. From the second semester, one who obtains the highest marks would get 50 per cent scholarship in tuition fee and it would be cancelled if they don't obtain good marks.

After graduation
There are vast regions in the fashion world for graduates of fashion design be sides ending up being a fashion designer.Nisha Shrestha, who completed her graduation in 2011 from NCFT says,“Besides a fashion designer, one can work as a garment technologist, fash ion photographer and choreographer where passion, dedication and pa tience are required to be successful in this field.“

Besides that one can also become a freelance designer, embroidery and acces sories designer, fashion styl ist, fashion editor, fashion reporter, quality controller, merchandiser, fashion in dustrialist, fashion entre preneur, pattern maker, fashion forecaster, fashion consultant, fashion coordi nator and more, as per Sanjil.

Adhikary agrees, “As fashion is subject of everyone's interest, there is a broad scope in this field where graduates have all the requirements to compete in the international arena as well.“Sanjeev Shangachhen, a Vth semester student at NCFT doing Bachelor in Fashion Designing opines, “Even as a student one can get work in the fashion field and gain experience. One can gain name and fame in this field.

Challenges At present the Tribhuvan University (TU) does not offer Fashion Designing course. Pointing to the cost of the course, Adhikary argues, “If TU would introduce this course, then the amount the students are paying right now might be less.“

At present they are affiliated to Vinayaka Missions University, the charge they “are paying to the this university is higher as compared to the charge that would be required had we got affiliation with TU“.Shangachhen argues, “There should be more practical classes than right now.“ Whereas per Shrestha “the course books are not available here and we have to import.“

Namuna College of Fashion of Technology, Bansbari

Entrance Fee: Rs.1,000
Course Cost:Rs.3,59,000(3 years)
Seats: 40

IEC College of Art and Fashion,Bishalnagar

Entrance fee: Rs 640
Course Cost: Rs 3,67,000 as of 2011 (3 years)
Seats: 40

Lord Buddha Education Foundation,Maitidevi

Entrance Fee: Rs 1,000
Course Cost: Rs.3,60,000 (3 years)
Seats: 15

source: Shrestha, Sangita (2012),"Creating your own designs", The Himalayan Times,18 July 2012

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