Careers in the tourism industry: A rewarding experience indeed

Easy availability of jobs, free corporate trainings and the excitement of working in the world’s largest industry compensate the low initial pay scale for new entrants.

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There’s hardly any sector in business today that hasn’t felt the impact of technological changes. One industry seriously hit for better is travel tourism.

From the era of paper tickets and single level fares, to the new-age of ticketless travel and multi-level fares, the industry has had quiet a journey. These changes have also increased the bar of qualifications for anyone willing to involve in the exciting world of airlines, travel and leisure.

Call up any travel agent today and you’ll be flooded with various levels of fares for a destination as simple and near as Delhi. Fares vary not just on the basis of airlines or the classes of services but also within the same class on any given airline, one will find several levels of fares.

Quoting the exact fare and accompanying taxes without having a peek at the electronic booking tool is quite a challenge to travel professionals. Understandably, quoting the right fares, making correct reservations, issuing tickets or processing any further changes require professionals to acquire solid knowledge about the system they are working in.

Besides work knowledge, another major prerequisite to fly high in the travel industry is to have strong command over the English language.

The travel sector, particularly airlines, always grants higher score to resumes of candidates who can speak fluently vis-à-vis those who cannot. Ability to speak and write in good English is also often almost a priority when competing for higher hierarchical positions.

As with any other industry in the world, in tourism industry, too, educational qualifications are mandatory. Though an individual doesn’t really need a college degree to begin a career in tourism, his growth is stagnant in absence of one. It’s been noted all over that professionals with proper academic backgrounds grow in the industry overtime, thus enjoying higher perks and benefits.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) offers prestigious worldwide recognized travel diplomas to anyone intending to join the industry. The career section of any airline website speaks loud and clear about the value IATA diplomas have.

A college degree in Business is an excellent combination with IATA credential to scale higher heights in the industry sector.

Also, the nature of job that the travel industry offers is myriad. For example, those with knack for sales can join the sales team of an airline and those who like to remain comfortable at their office setting can choose to be in customer service/ticketing roles at city offices or airports.

Still those in love with numbers and calculations can join the pricing or revenue department. Besides, airlines also recruit professionals for HRM/Branding/Corporate Communications/Training, to name just a few.

Easy availability of jobs, free corporate trainings and the excitement of working in the world’s largest industry compensate the low initial pay scale for new entrants. With time, bigger and better brands are bound to knock at the doors of those willing to grow professionally.

Fantastic pay and perks also await those intending to relocate. Travel companies based in the Middle East have been continuously seeking Nepali youth to man their various openings, and this trend is all set to rise in times to come.

source:John, Davis(2012),"Careers in the tourism industry: A rewarding experience indeed! ",republica, republica ,11 July 2012

The writer is an IATA-certified trainer with a passion to write.

2012-07-11 | EducateNepal


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