Beginning of a new chapter-10 tips for better college selection

Student should look into the academic faculty, teaching methods and infrastructure of the college.

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10 tips for better college selection
It is that time of the year when SLC graduates need to make decision regarding their higher studies. Often at this juncture, student are confused and worried about making a right choice.

In order to avoid some common mistakes, these 10 suggestions may help you make better decision while choosing the right college for you.

1. Take your time
It might seem alluring to choose a college based on your intuition or your friend’s choices but you need to resist the urge. “ This phase of life is really vulnerable for students. Hence they need to make decisions being cautious,” said Suprabhat Bhandari, President of Guardians Association of Nepal. Quick decisions need to be made but one should never hurry as it usually ends up in a chaotic situation.

2. Do your research
It is apparent for students to get confused with myriad options of colleges to choose. Suprabhat Bhandari suggests checking out the college profile, fee structure and academic record. “ Student should look into the academic faculty, teaching methods and infrastructure of the college,” added Ramesh Kumar Silwal, CEO of Golden Gate International College. You can review colleges from their websites or go for a direct visit or even consult with the seniors of the institution.

3. Study what you want
Your grades should not be a barrier to study what you want but at the same time, you should also determine your capabilities in that field of study. The subject choices are opportunities for you to explore your interests than confining you to limited selections. If you feel forced to study a subject then you should avoid the coercions because in the long run you would end up abandoning the uninteresting topic anyways.

4. Know the system
Altogether, there are five education systems after SLC in Nepal namely 2, A Levels, CBSEICSE, IB and CTEVT Courses. Such systems create confusion as well as lot of opportunities but you need to decide the right one for you. Considering the different ways of teaching in colleges with different types of resources, you should be careful in choosing the type of teaching style, which would be suitable for your learning abilities. While there is no wrong way of teaching, some methods may not suit the type of your learning.

5. Money matters
The infrastructures and facilities of a college matters but we only seem to be attracted towards extravagant looking colleges rather than their internal systems including management and sufficient resources. However, you need to cut your coat according to the cloth. Bhandari advises to make sure you go through the fee structure before choosing a college. You need to estimate the financial costs so that it does not become a burden later. You should mark the colleges, which provide attractive scholarships.

6. Give priority to study
Do get this: College life is perhaps the most fun- filled time of your life but it is not as colorful as portrayed in movies. Since there are extensive and in- depth courses, you need to work harder and more seriously. Time management is the key to excel in student life if you do not want to be gobbled by books or carried away by social events.

7. Talk to the Alumni
Senior students or those who have passed out from the college will give you more insight of the college than any brochures or newsletters. Consult about the pros and cons of the college you are interested in with the alumni.

You could even try talking with them in person and question them to find out if you really belong there or not.

8. Holistic development
You should aim for the college, which encourages overall development of the student. Such colleges usually promote all kinds of students with different learning abilities. While academics are important, on the same hand, extracurricular activities are equally required. The college should groom you for real life and not only for ambitious mark sheets.

9. College environment
Strikes are a major drawback in the education system of Nepal.

With that in mind, it would be wise if you select a college on the basis of easy accessibility. The right type of environment in college is equally vital if you want to excel in college activities.

10. Vision of the college
It is not necessary for all the colleges to have the same vision. While you opt for a college, you need to ask them about the main aim of the institution.

Your vision should match with that of college so that you feel college as your second home.

source:samata shrestha (2016),"Beginning of a new chapter", The himalayan times, 23 june 2016

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