After SEE: Pursuing a vocational career?

CTEVT graduates are eligible to work in various governmental and non-governmental organizations. Moreover, those who have completed the certificate/diploma studies have the capacity to generate work for themselves except for Nursing.

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If you aspire to work instantly after the completion of a course, then joining technical and vocational training is the best way to do so. And the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has been providing such training since 1989.

CTEVT, Sano Thimi is a national autonomous apex body of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector committed to producing technical and skillful human resources required for the nation. The program offered by CTEVT can be divided into two categories – Technical Education and Vocational Training.

Elaborating on these two categories Ramesh Kumar Bakhati, Director of CTEVT informed, “The program can be separated as Vocational Training and Technical Education where they are also known as horizontal ladder and vertical ladder, respectively. Vocational Training aims at providing certain professional and vocational skills to those who are either unable to pursue higher education or are interested to learn certain vocational/professional skills for their better professional advancement. Moreover, Technical Education covers various courses in health, engineering and agriculture trades in diploma level or proficiency certificate level along with TSEE level where the graduates are able to pursue higher academic education as well.”

There are around 175 courses under Vocational Training program that run from 39 hours to 1500 hours and is a short-term education program. The courses are offered as per the demand and needs and anyone can join.

However, the students who have cleared SEE level can opt for three years certificate/diploma level programs of Technical Education where one can choose from among 26 different courses. And to be eligible to study courses such as Health, Engineering, Agriculture and Hotel management one must fulfill certain criteria.

Talking about the same, Bakhati explained, “To study Health the student must have GPA 2 scoring grade C in three subjects English, Maths and Science in SEE certificate. Those willing to study Engineering too have to have GPA 2 but must score D+ in English and C in Maths and Science. And those opting for Agriculture /Hotel Management should have GPA 2 and they must have obtained grade C in any two of the three subjects among English, Maths and Science and a D+ in one.”

CTEVT graduates are eligible to work in various governmental and non-governmental organizations. Moreover, those who have completed the certificate/diploma studies have the capacity to generate work for themselves except for Nursing, according to Bakhati.

The most popular courses in vocational training are beautician and electrician, and  in diploma course are Nursing, Community Medicine Assistant (CMA) and Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM), Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geomatics, and Forestry.

Talking about the attraction of the students to CTEVT courses, Bakhati shared, “Last year for
18-month courses, a total of 67,000 students applied for 25,000 seats. And students are selected on merit basis.” There are 150 schools affiliated to CTEVT, eight annex schools and 22 constituent schools across 73 districts.

To get admitted one has to pass an entrance exam. The application forms will be distributed from Wednesday and should be submitted by July 12, according to Bakhati.

source: republica,23 june 2017

2017-06-25 | EducateNepal


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