Semester vs annual system

There is a vast difference in learning and teaching techniques in the process of evaluation under the annual and semester systems.

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Ambika Pandey
In our country, particularly in the higher education sector, the government has practiced and introduced various systems from the very beginning in the name of ensuring quality education and producing quality human resources. Induction of the semester system in the college level education during 1970s was one of such moves. However, the semester system could not sustain for long and was scrapped and replaced by the annual system in the year 1980.

After years of exercising the annual system, the Tribhuvan University from the year 2014, re-introduced the semester system at its central departments inviting a fresh debate in the higher education sector. Massive opposition from the students has finally compelled the TU officials to withdraw their plan and give continuity to the annual system for now.

The students have opposed the semester system citing various reasons. They argue that quota system or the provision of fixed seats, that is strictly exercised under the semester system deprives a large number of students from pursuing higher education as the number of students aspiring for it is much higher than the seats allocated. Other demands from students unions include curriculum change and infrastructure development.

Besides, regular attendance is a must in semester system which many students fail to make because a majority of those pursuing higher education are either service holders or are engaged in some other jobs. If we look from the practical point of view, pursuing higher education is an expensive ride for many students. Therefore, many of such students engage themselves in both earning and learning activities simultaneously. For such students, regular attendance at colleges seems impossible. For them, the annual system can be a great respite and help them also grow academically.

There is a vast difference in learning and teaching techniques in the process of evaluation under the annual and semester systems. While routine evaluation and frequent class tests are an integral part of the semester system, annual system does not have any such provision. Actually, the provision of frequent class tests and regular evaluation compels students to keep themselves updated all the time.

As a result, the students become more study-oriented. So, the semester system in itself is not bad. Since TU has introduced semester at the central departments, it is a golden opportunity for the academicians to produce knowledgeable and enlightened students and prove the worth of the semester system.

source:Pandey, Ambika (2015)," The Himalayan Times,"Semester vs annual system",14 Jan 2015

2015-01-14 | EducateNepal


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