See nothing, hear nothing

It’s the student who should choose and study the subject to make one’s own career, not the parents.

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Sudesh Thapa

Back in 2008 when the SLC results were published and I heard that I had passed with flying colours, I was very happy and so were my friends and everyone else who broke through the iron gate that year. This scene is repeated every year at this time when the exam results are announced. No matter how the iron gate is crossed, the SLC results represent the fulfilment of 12 years’ investment by the parents in their children’s education. This year, parents and relatives of 55.5 percent of the students had smiles on their faces.

Besides happiness, good results also bring confusion about where and what to study. And when my parents saw that I had scored more than 80 percent, they were certainly very happy. They did not force me to study science, but their psychology which I did see was that they would love to see me studying science. Who wouldn’t like to see their children as future doctors, engineers or scientists? Everyone does. So did my parents.

And when you get high marks, it’s a fashion or compulsion that you study science. But has anybody thought about what’s in the student’s mind? It’s the student who should choose and study the subject to make one’s own career, not the parents. And if all students were to become doctors and engineers, who would pursue other profession? So if parents force us to study what they want, then make your own decision; and better also not be a psychologist.

Students may also be confused when choosing a college. And choosing between plus two, A level and IB makes the problem more complex. Because the number of colleges is increasing, students can be confused where to make most use of the valuable two years of their lives. And when students go for counselling to different colleges, they get into more confusion seeing their infrastructure and the counsellors’ “only nice” words. And the college one prefers might not suit one or one’s parents mostly due to financial reasons. Similarly, students in rural areas also get confused about whether to go to a local college or move to the city. Hence, everyone gets confused over where and what to study.

School life passes with 10 to 12 years of enjoying with friends, playing, fighting, laughing and chatting. The teachers and everyone else with whom the 12 years are spent are left behind, but those times always remain in everyone’s memories even after school. If school friends want to remain together, they can go to the same college. Well, this may seem odd, but it is really happening around us. Therefore, if anybody is in a dilemma where and what to study, do not listen to what others are saying and do what your heart says using your God-gifted brain. Following the first and second parts of the saying “See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing” might be helpful in removing the “after-school dilemma”

source:Thapa, Sudesh(2011),"See nothing, hear nothing ", The Kathmandu Post,7 July 2011

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