Engineering Entrance Examinations

In order to get admission into a good engineering college a student has to secure a good position in the Engineering Entrance Exams conducted all over Nepal by different engineering institutes affiliated to Nepalese Universities

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The essential characteristic traits for being a successful engineer is an analytical mind, sound mathematical and scientific foundation, strong problem solving abilities, eye for details, curiosity to learn, ability to understand complex task, ability to put practical use of theories, curiosity to understand the complex ways of handling a task, ability to work with a team, deep sense of responsibility and communication, strong communication skills. In order to get admission into a good engineering college a student has to secure a good position in the Engineering Entrance Exams conducted all over Nepal by different engineering institutes affiliated to Nepalese Universities.

There are quite a good number of engineering colleges in Nepal that provide engineering courses in various parts of the country. Civil Engineering, Architecture , Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Energy Engineering, Civil and Rural Engineering are some of the popular engineering courses in Nepal. While the B.E. Architecture courses are of 5 years duration, other bachelor degree courses are of 4 years duration. Most of the engineering colleges in Nepal are also offering engineering in Masters Degree courses. Like Kathmandu University offers master of engineering in several discipline like computer, electronics and communication, mechanical and etc.


Most of these engineering Colleges in Nepal admit the local students through an entrance test. However foreign students are admitted on the basis of their performance in a personal interview. Candidates, to be eligible for admission to the engineering colleges in Nepal, should at least pass the Intermediate in Science or diploma in engineering or its equivalent.

Most of the engineering entrance tests have several papers. Most of the paper of the exam is generally segmented into sections containing question on Physics, Chemistry, English and Mathematics, and in some of the university, general knowledge sections. The prime objective of this paper is to measure the students clarity of concepts in physics, mathematics, chemistry, English clarity and mechanics. These tests also give a lot of emphasis to measure the student’s ability to understand mathematical models, analytical ability, detailed orientation and problem solving approach. The paper gauges the student’s ability through various patterns such as objective type questions, assertions and reason, comprehension and subjective pattern. Candidates applying for the Architecture course will have to appear in the aptitude test in place of Chemistry.  The Aptitude test measures the aspirants perceptive power, observation and creative potential.

Below are entrance examination schedule and format, and admission eligibility requirements for different universities:

1. Pokhara University

Entrance schedule and eligibility
•    Time of exam: August-September
•    Criteria: Entrance
•    Forms distribution: Approx 30 days before exam.
•    Minimum eligibility for the application
o    Should have completed I.Sc./10+2/Dip.Engg. With the subject of Physics (200 full mark), Chemistry (200 full mark), Math (100 full mark)
o    Should have secured minimum aggregate of 45% marks.
•    Exam format: Physics; Chemistry; Math; English.
•    Candidates seeking admission in B.E. programs will be appearing for tests in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. Weightage for each subject will be: Physics 25%, Chemistry 15%, Mathematics 40%, and English 20%. Candidates applying for the Architecture course will have to appear in the aptitude test in place of Chemistry. Weightage for each subject will be : Physics 10%, English 20%, Mathematics 30% and Aptitude test 40%. Evaluation basis: 50% marks from the mark obtained in the aggregate percentage of I.Sc./10+2/Dipp.Engg. or equivalent.
•    Admission will be done on the basis of the merit list prepared after the entrance test.
•    Seats: 400 Approx.


2. Purbanchal University
Entrance schedule and eligibility
•    Time of Exam: August-September
•    Forms distribution: Approx 30 days before exam.
•    Minimum eligibility for the application
o    Should have completed I. Sc./10+2/Dip. Engg. with the subject of physics (200 full mark), Chemistry (200 full mark), Math (100 full mark)
o    Should have secured minimum aggregate of 45% marks.
•    Exam format: Physics; Chemistry; Math; English; & General knowledge.
•    Evaluation basis: 100% entrance basis.
•    Seats: 300-400 Approx.



3. Kathmandu University

Entrance schedule and eligibility
•    Time of Exam: Last week of June- 1st week of July
•    Criteria: Entrance and Interview
•    Forms distribution: 30 days before exam.
•    Minimum eligibility for the application
o    should have completed I.Sc./10+2/Dip.Engg. with the subject of Physics (200 full mark), Chemistry (200 full mark), and Biology (100 full mark)
o    should have secured minimum aggregate of 50% marks & 50% in PCM.
•    Exam format: Physics-25; Chemistry-25; Math-30; Botany-10; Zoology-10; Total=100
•    Evaluation basis: 50% marks from the mark obtained in the entrance exam and 50% mark form the aggregate percentage of I.Sc./10+2/Dip.Engg.
•    Test of two hours will be conducted and is followed by interview.

Geomatics Engg. Program is jointly organized by KU & Land management traning centre, Dhulikhel and students of this course will get 75% subsidies in tuition fee from Government of Nepal.

Student Intake



No. of seats

Mechanical Engineering


Electronics & Computer Engineering


Electrical Engineering (Power & control)


Computer Engineering


Geo-matics Engineering


Environmenal Enginering





4. Tribhuvan University


Entrance schedule and eligibility
a. For Bachelor Program Civil, Computer and Electronics Engineering

Nepalese Students

•    In Bachelor Program of Civil Computer and Electronics Engineering under TU, normally, admission opens in the beginning of September. Students (except from other countries) willing to join the program must pass the entrance examination conducted by the Institute of Engineering. An individual holding I. Sc. (Physical Group), I. Sc. (Biological Group) with extra Math, Diploma in Engineering, 10+2 in Science (Physical group) and 10+2 in Science (Biological group) with extra Math and scoring at least 50% in the respective examinations, are eligible to apply for the entrance test.
•    IOE conducts entrance tests in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English. The students interested to study at engineering college affiliated to Tribhuvan University must pass these tests. Engineering Colleges selects the students according to their merit list in entrance test.


International Students
International students do not have to appear in entrance tests. Special entrance committee selects them for admission.


Exam Format




Full Marks

Pass marks






90 min









90 min






Basic Concept of Drawing



120 min


Aptitude Test(For B. Arch. Only)



120 min


No. of Students Intake Per Year in IOE






Full Pay












Electronics and comm..

























In order to get admission to the college affiliated by TU, one has to pass the entrance exam conducted by IOE.



Elx & Comm.





Kantipur, Dhapakhel






Kathmandu, Kalimati






Advance, Kupondole






Himalaya, Kalopool






National, Banasthali






Kathford, Balkumari






Janakpur Engg., janakpur






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I do not want to accuse any institute, but how will you evaluate a student who might not have secured good marks in dimloma/ 2 , but who has the ability and enthusiasm to learn, now? Its my concern becoz i was not a good student in 2, it took me 3 yrs to comlete but now im prepared for the real thing. And i want to learn, can you help me with my goal ??????????????

  • Kapil

Is this true that it's easy to get admission in BE after Diploma in Engineering(Overseer)?

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i want an engineering preperation class as well as hostel.please help me out i eont let u down....

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i want an engineering preperation class as well as hostel please help me out i wont let u down...contace me on 9845580731

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i want 2 learn BE in india NITT can u help?FROM INDIAN EMBASSAY?

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I need the previour year question of the entrance of the ku. Can u pls offer me that.

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when the entrance exam will held?

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i don't find d form of engg.entrance of ku

  • babin bhatta

very good but why biology for entrance

  • sanjiv tamang

Is 50% aggregate necessary in math for biology group students to give entrance in IOE ?

  • Sagar ghimire

my query is that very engineering institute in nepal has its particular entrance exam for the students. For ex. a engineering college affiliated under certain university will conduct its own entrance test OR it will follow the entrance test conducted by the affiliated university for admitting students on the merit list of affiliated university.

  • Avishek guin

No I don't think it's easy to get admission in BE after doing Diploma in Engineering rather it's easier if you do 2 science. However if you do Diploma then BE will be easier for you if you are able to get admission.

  • pradip

i want to read in pokhara university in electrical engineering

  • surendra kumar mandal

I found the site useful in preparing for engineering entrance exam for any university but it seemed to be targeted to TU.

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i was failed in 2 subjects and now i m in class this condition 1 year lost or not?

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i cant distinguish about civil enginneering and other plzz give me information nd advantages of civil engineering

  • anish karki

Studying 2 in college..which engineering prepn books will be the best one to pRepare? Please. HElp!

  • bikash

Please also include few entrance preparation institute what is popular in nepal, like pea naee kei and sea.this is the one where I used to read and now am a teacher at

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could we get enterence preparation question in this sites??

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because i want to be perfect in entrance exam

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I want to study Geomatics Engineering i want to contact for edu give me contact address

  • siddhi shrestha

It's really interesting in engineering but how would I pass the entrance without preparation classes.

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Having taken biology as compulsory subject and extra math in grade 12, is it necessary to secure high marks in maths?

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  • manish rajak

Is math compulsory to get admission in engineering?? As i am biology student n I didn't take extra math in class 12...

  • Anju

I want to study architecture engineering??where should I go for the admission?coz I didn't take extra math in class 12...

  • Anju

is it necessary to score 50% marks in all subject to study engineering? If i have no 50% in math then cant i study the engineering?

  • raju

Hey, I want to take admission in MCA at kantipur city colg ktm Nepal ,can I get ??? I didn't find the entrance test paper for preparation for my entrance test can u help me out by suggestion me any website name where I can easily find so that I can have some idea about it plz...plz..!!!

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it's very helpful

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it's helpful

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i want to read civil engineering also i want to be perfect in entrance exam

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i want to become a biomedical engineer. after slc, i have chosen computer instead of biology. is biology needed to become a biomedical engineer?

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hi it's helpful to all students

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it is very much useful

  • tharani

I want to study be geomatics engineering at kathmandu university which is 5minutes form my house.But yet,I'm confused if I need to score 50%marks in each pcm or as a whole 50%in pcm?And next thing since merit list is choosen on the basis of entrance as well as marks of 2 can I get admission there scoring good in entrance only because I've scored only 58% in aggregate?

  • *Gauri kuikel

when the exam entrance exam will held for slc students?

  • Ashish baral

i am a biology student and i think i will not have 50% marks in maths.....what should i do???????????

  • anup

I want to study biomedical engineering.what shoud i do for entrance preparation?can we prepare same asfor other engineering.please provide me some information about preparation.I dont know which subjects i should prepare for.

  • Aashma Acharya

I was fail in 11th class in only one subject can i register in KU ???In it * are told to be mandatory and i did kept* but it wasnit registered what to do now ??? need help

  • Ritu

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i studied math as optional as im a biilogy student..and i dont want to appear in math exam. so will i get to study if my marksheet show absent in me a favour - reply if u know the answer.

  • samir

Students have to pass entrance exam to get admission in any college. So they should prepare themselves for this entrance exam if they want to be one of university essay writers, businessmen or engineers because nothing can be done without studies.

  • Jamesjk

can i join geomatics engineering if i am failed in math as extra subject and computer as pure in 2 ??

  • madan

I need to know when an entrance exam for KU will held and is there a still time to fill online form for BE

  • Shristi

I want to study biomedical engineering.But now much i have no any idea about it.Could you please provide me information regarding the entrance.

  • Menuka limbu

what are the qualification of 2 required to appear in entrance of ioe???

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I was of biological group and I have obtained only 35 marks in extra maths can I appear the entrance of ioe

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Can bilogy student apply for engineering without maths

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I want to know about overseer preparation in entrance..

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As part of a university thesis for research I must search sites with relevant information on given topic and provide them to teacher our opinion and the article. Your article helped me a lot. This really is my first time check out here. From the tons of comments on your articles, I suppose I am not only one having all the enjoyment here! I just couldn't leave your website before telling you that I truly enjoyed the top rated high quality articles you present to your visitors? Will be return again frequently to check up on new article.

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