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Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality

Established:1972 A.D.
Education Body Type:International Affiliations
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For over 40 years SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality has prepared young people for their professional career, with a particular focus on hospitality and gastronomy.

All of our programs, at all educational levels, have a strong leaning towards hands-on experience. Thanks to well-founded knowledge and practical work experience, our graduates can be involved in the field immediately and are comfortable with, and able to accept, responsibility.

Throughout their SSTH education, our students are in demand as personnel in the hospitality industry. Every year they support service teams in hotels, at events and banquets, with the know-how to serve guests in a courteous and efficient manner. These practical experiences are very valuable support for the education provided at SSTH.

It is not without pride that we state that the SSTH is the only hotel school which takes part every year in the World Economic Forum in Davos, and serves the forum participants. Our annual Food Festival is also widely known. This takes place every spring on the school campus in Passugg. Visitors from far and wide enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with music and shows accompanied by the multi-cultural dishes prepared by our students.

Alongside external events, students also have the opportunity to be involved in banquets and other activities organized in the school hotel. These can be for up to 200 guests, or even over 2000, as is the case with the annual on-campus Food Festival.With approximately 500 students it is possible to have personal contact with our students. Furthermore we set a high value on our learning environment, which involves a combination of trust, respect and style.

In order to maintain our high standards in all areas and to have an objective benchmark, the school undergoes regular quality controls according to the ISO-Norm 9001, eduqua and 3Q standards. SSTH is a public limited company with an entry in the commercial registry. The company headquarters is in Chur.