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National Academy of Medical Sciences ( NAMS)

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Established:2002 A.D.
Vice-Chancellor:Dr Kiran Manandhar (acting VC)
Education Body Type:National(Other Affiliations)
Language of Education:English

In Course of Development, Bir Hospital became NAMS on Mangsir 12, 2059 BS. ITs basic objectives are to produce trained manpower through higher education and research in the field of medical sciences, and to make available high quality health services to the general people. NAMS has the program of Post Graduate medical Education of basic specialist training of MD/MS and higher specialist training of FNAMS. It has also started Bachelor in Nursing courses in addition to PCL.

NAMS is the first institution inside country which has addressed some of the burning issues of doctors who did diploma in various subjects and did not have any provision to upgrade their carrier. One year academic course of Diploma holders with 5 years of working experience were allowed to take up entrance examination if they qualify come in merit they will be admitted to MD/MS courses. 2 years duration with thesis writing is mandatory for all candidates, various disciplines of Diploma candidates has benefited by such provision.

Fellowship program ( FNAMS ) after MD/MS one year work experience candidate has to take up entrance examination and enroll in Fellowship Program of NAMS, the duration of course is 4 yeas with 4 scientific papers publication in International Journal. At present, this program is running smoothly in Neurosurgery and General Surgery & Gastrointestinal Surgery.

First  batch of students were enrolled in 2003. The Program started with Anesthesia, General surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology and Pediatrics. In same Year after 3 months, more subjects were introduced Radiodiagnosis, Radiotherapy, Orthopedics. NAMS is the only institute which has MD Radiotherapy in Nepal. MD pathology also started on 2061. Then, MD Dermatology, MD General Practice started 1 year later on 2062. Master in Dental Surgery started on 2065. Till now 13 subjects PG studies is going on in NAMS.

Nursing Education - Proficiency Certificate Level ( PCL ) in Nursing, Post Basic Nursing (PBN) courses being done with annual intake of 40, 20 candidates respectively. Two batches of students passed out. In future, the intake will be increased to double because of great demand. Master in Nursing also going to be started in the near future.

In future, NAMS will start MS ENT, Masters in Nursing, Bsc Nursing.