Studying Abroad for Quality Education, Job Opportunities, Secure Future

Nepali students are attracted to studying in foreign countries for their higher education. As such a large number of Nepali students is going to other countries for higher education every year.

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source:Biswa Raj Samyangkham, The Himalayan Times

Nepali students are attracted to studying in foreign countries for their higher education. As such a large number of Nepali students is going to other countries for higher education every year. Despite the reality that they need to face financial and other hurdles going there, these students are always ready to leave Nepal for a secure future.

Biswa Raj Samyangkham questions potential students about their attraction to studying abroad

> Ashish Pandey, IIIrd Year, BA, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus
Going to other coun tries for higher education is good for one's career. Once you complete your Bachelor's or Master's from universities or colleges in other countries, you will get a number of job opportunities. In case of Nepal, even those who hold Master's degree hardly find a job. Many of my friends have gone to Japan, Korea, Canada and the US and they are doing well there. In addition, our education system is affected by politics because of which students are forced to go to other countries to pursue their education. I had applied to study in Korea but my visa application was not approved. Now, I am planning to apply to Japan and making necessary preparations for the same.

> Sarthak Pyakurel, A-Level, Chelsea International Academy
Anyone who wishes for a better career and future should join good colleges and universities in other countries. This is because job opportunities for people here in Nepal is not good. Had there been job opportunities and good environment for conducting business, then no one would opt to go abroad. However, the bitter truth is that most of the students are applying to study abroad without knowing the details of the place, college/university that they are going to. It is not that going to other countries will ensure your bright future. I would like to suggest that all students know about the country and college they are going to study in.

In addition, they should be well informed about the course they are to study. Though I have not decided on the country, I will definitely be applying for colleges in other countries on completion of A-Level.

> Gokul Sunar, Bachelor in Hotel Management, IInd Semester, Ritz International College
The government  does not guaran tee jobs even for university graduates. In our country, only graduates who have political power can get a job, which is not the case in other countries. The quality of education in other countries is better as compared to ours. I am a student of Hotel Management, which is an expensive and practical course. However, there is no job guarantee for graduates of Hotel Management in our country. There is influence of politics in every sector.

> Subigya Nepal, A-Level, Trinity International College
In Nepal, there are limited colleges that provide quality education to students. Therefore, students have no other option other than going to other countries to pursue higher education. Moreover, there are no job opportunities for students even after completing their degrees in Nepal.

Therefore, though it is tough to continue studies in other countries as students might face a number of problems, I think it is good for the future of students.

> Srijana Tamang, Class XII (Management), Bajra International College
I would never go to other countries for higher studies because we have a number of good colleges providing quality education here in Nepal.
Though I am not against students who chose to study in other countries, I would like to suggest that students should not go to other countries just because their parents pressurise them to do so.

> Amrit Dhakal, A-Level, Trinity International College
I have chosen to study  A-Level as it will make it easier for me to join colleges in other countries. If I had thought about studying in Nepal, I would have joined +2.Had there been quality education, sufficient job opportunities and stable government, students would not leave their nation. However, the fact is that students are compelled to go to other countries to get quality education and a secure future.

source:Samyangkham,Biswa Raj(2011),"Studying Abroad for Quality Education, Job Opportunities, Secure Future", The Himalayan Times: Campus Plus,14 September 2011

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